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Airedale Terrier
Puppies Dogs

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HEIGHT: 55 - 60 cm.
WEIGHT: 20.5 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of Airedale Terrier
This dog has a lively expression and an agile movement. It is always alert to any event.
This dog is a good guardian.
Its mood is revealed to the expression of its eyes, the position of its ears and straight tail. Observe it and you will understand it.
This dog has an outgoing temperament; it is trustful, friendly, brave and intelligent. It is always alert, not aggressive but brave. Ideal for children.
The main care this dog needs is daily physical exercise; it is very easy for the dog to exercise while playing.
DESCRIPTION of the Airedale Terrier Puppies Dogs
The Airedale is the biggest one of the terriers. It is a muscular, active and pretty compact dog; it shouldn't have excessively long paws or an disproportioned body.
The typical skull of the terrier is flat and long, it is not very wide between the ears and it narrows slightly at the level of the eyes. Well proportioned, with no apparent difference between the length of the skull and the snout. It has no wrinkles; the stop is not very emphasized.
Big, powerful, strong and muscular. The string snout is very desirable. The maxilla should not present and excessive development that gives the cheeks a rounded or prominent appearance. Firm lips and black truffle.
Well formed in front of the eyes. It should not have a concave shape of have a tough fall under the eye line; the flattened appearance is not convenient either.
Of a dark color, small, never prominent, with typical terrier expression, alert and intelligent. The clear and unexpressive eyes are not very desirable.
V shaped and placed on the sides, small but in proportion to the size of the dog. The higher line of the folding highlights slightly over the level of the skull. The ears that are placed too high or fallen are not desirable.
Strong teeth. Scissor like bite, which means that the internal face of the upper incisive is in contact with the exterior face of the lower incisive and preferably located in a straight angle with the maxillas; however, the tongs like bite is accepted. The pragmatism is, of course not desirable.
Is spotless, muscular, of moderate length and thickness. It gradually widens to the back and it should have no double chin.
Perfectly straight extremities; strong bones. The elbows are very close to the body, but this is not an obstacle for its movement. They should have a harmonious movement.
Short, strong, leveled and straight back. Muscular renal area. Well arched ribs. In those dogs that have a short distance between the cross and the hip, as well as developed ribs, there is only a little space between them and the hips. When the distance between the ribs and the pelvis is long, some kind of loosening will be presented in this area. Deep chest, but not wide.
Long and strong thighs with muscular legs; the articulations of the knees are well angled, not leaned to the inside or the outside. Well descendent hocks, when seen from behind, they should appear parallel.
Small, rounded and compact, with thick pads on the base of the paw and moderately arched fingers that don't turn either towards the inside or the outside.
Placed high, hold happily, never curled on the back. Strong and robust. Generally amputated. The tip of the tail is placed at the same level of the upper part of the skull.
The front legs should be straight, in a free movement: parallel to the sides. In an approaching movement: the front paws should constitute a continuation of the straight line of the front, while the feet remain as distant to each other as the elbows. The back legs should provide a strong propelling force.
Hard and stiff, not too long; to keep a clean look. Rigid and compact. The hair covers the body and the extremities. The hard hair can be wrinkled or slightly curled; rigid or soft hair is not acceptable.
With black or dark gray mount, as well as the upper part of the neck and the back surface of the tail. All of the other parts are cinnamon in color. The ears are many time of a darker cinnamon color and there can be a shaded color around the neck and on the sides of the skull.
The height to the cross is approximately between 58 and 61 cm on males and between 56 and 59 cm on females. The weight is around 20 kg.

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