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American Cocker Spaniel Dogs & Puppies

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HEIGHT: 39 cm.
WEIGHT: 12 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of American Cocker Spaniel Dogs
This is a breed that needs a lot of love, since it feels very close to the people it lives with.
This is a sporty and affectionate dog that moves with a lot of elegance.
It is outgoing and happy, well balanced in all of its facets and shows a great vocation for the work.
Even when it is still used for the house, nowadays it is most of all a show breed.
This is a perfect family dog with which one get attached immediately.
Easy to educate, intelligent and caring, it is balanced, watchful and doesn't bark too much.
This is the smallest of the hunting dogs. Its body is strong and compact.
It requires exercise and constant cleaning with special attention to the ears and feet.
This dog is capable to reach a considerable speed, combining it with a lot of resistance.
With an even temperament, showing no signs of shyness.
DESCRIPTION of American Cocker Spaniels
It must be proportional and be balanced with the rest of the animal; it should have the following characteristics.
The eye ball should be rounded and full and with a straight look to the front. The border of the eyelid gives it a slightly almond appearance. The color of the iris is dark brown and, in general, the darker the better.
With a lobular shape, long, with a thin shell, covered with long hair and placed not higher than the lower part of the eyes.
It is rounded but not in an exaggerated way with no tendency to be flattened; the arcs of the eyelids are clearly defined with a pronounced stop.
It is wide and deep with squared maxilla at level. For the skull to be in a correct balance, the distance from the stop to the tip of the nose should be half the distance considered between the stop and the base of the skull.
The upper lip is full and deep enough to cover the lower maxilla.
Its size is good enough to be in balance with the snout and forehead; the nasal pits are well developed, typical of a hunting dog. Black in black animals; black and fire on the black and white ones; on the dog of other colors it can be brown, liver or black: the darkest the better. The color of the nose matches the color of the eyelid's border.
Strong and healthy, not too small and with scissors like bite.
It is long enough to allow the nose to touch the floor easily. It is muscular and has no double chin.
The thorax is deep, its lowest point should not go further than the elbows, its front part should be wide enough to give enough space to the heart and lungs; however, it shouldn't be too wide that it may disturb the straight movement of the front members. The back is strong and descends softly and harmoniously from the cross to the insertion of the amputated tail.
Amputated. It should be lined with the upper line of the back, or slightly over it, but never straight and up as a Terrier or so low that it may show shyness. When the dog is active, the movement of the tail should be joyful.
The shoulders are well defined and leaned, placed in such a way that the upper tips of the cross form and angle that allows a wide curve of the ribs. The members are parallel, straight, with strong bones, muscular and stuck to the body.
The hips are wide and the extremities very rounded and muscular. Seen from behind, the back members are parallel in movement as well as in repose. The back extremities have strong bones; they are muscular, powerful and with a moderate angle of the knee articulation; the thighs are clearly defined. The knee is strong with no signs of deviation. The hocks are strong and well descended.
The spurs of the back extremities can be amputated for aesthetic reasons.
It should be short and fine on the head; on the body the length is medium and with enough inner layer to provide protection to the dog. The ears, chest, abdomen and extremities should have enough fringes, but not so much that they would hide the real lines and the movements of the dog, or that would affect its appearance and function as a hunting dog with a moderate hair. Its hair has a silky texture, straight or slightly curled that allows easy grooming. An excess of hair will be severely penalized or the curled hair or the one with cotton like texture. The grooming of the hair on the back with an electrical machine is not recommended. The grooming to highlight the real lines of the dog should be done in such a way that it will look as natural as possible.
Solid black that includes black with fire spots. The black color should be deep, the liver or coffee shades on the hair are not desirable, some white on the chest or the neck is allowed.
Several colors:
Two or more solid colors well defined, one of which should be white: black and white, red and white (the red can vary from the lightest cream to the darkest red), coffee and black and ruan that may include any other combination of these colors with fire spots. It is preferable for the fire spots to be placed in the same position than the black and "ascob" shades. Ruan is classified as part-colors and they can have any of the usual ruan combinations. The fact that one of the main colors represent the 90% or more of the tone of the coat, leads to the disqualification of the animal.
Fire spots:
The tone of fire spots can go from the lightest cream to the darkest red and are restricted to the 10% or less of the color of the animal; the fire spots that exceed this quantity imply disqualification. In the case of the fire spots on the black and "ascob" varieties, these should be placed in the following way:
1. A light fire spot in each eye.
2. On the sides of the snout and on the cheeks.
3. On the inner part of the ears.
4. On the feet and extremities.
5. On the lower part of the tail.
6. The presence of a spot on the chest is not mandatory.
The fire spots that are not clearly visible or which tone is not well defined should be penalized. The spots that are extended to the upper part should also be penalized. The absence of fire spots on the black and "ascob" varieties in any of the previously indicated points or the presence of these in other disposition will also disqualify.
Even when this dog is the smallest of the hunting dogs, it has the typical movement of this type of animals. One of the requirements for good movement is the balance between the front and rear members. The dogs gets the impulse with strong and powerful rear quarters and thanks to the adequate constitution of its back and the front extremities it gets to cover a lot of space what goes alone with the impulse of its rear members. Most of all, its movement is coordinated, agile and easy. The dog should cover space with its movement; the excessive movement should not be confused with adequate movement.

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