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Argentine Dogo Dogs

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HEIGHT: 60 - 65 cm.
WEIGHT: 40 - 45 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
The Argentine Dogo honors its name and has all the aspect of the molosoid dogs. Despite its great size, it is very muscular, which gives it a very vigorous aspect.
The Argentine Dogo are dogs with few needs, which get well adapted to all environments and climates.
This is a very kind and affectionate dog, a children lover and doesn't bark too much, even when this shouldn't fool us and think that this is a mediocre or coward guardian dog, on the contrary, this is a tenacious and courageous defender that can go to the last consequences defending its masters.
Its athletic complexion demands a frequent exercise and open spaces.
As many hunting dogs, in order to ease its hunting and independent instinct, this dog requires dedicated and patient training that should begin at a very early age.
This is a dog that loves home and thankfully, it keeps the balance even when its instinct of independent hunter makes it a little difficult to handle and requires constant training. Sometimes, it is kind of naughty.
Its origin has to be searched, without a doubt, of the fighting Dogue that the Spaniards took to America on the XVI century, but it is not until the beginning of the XX century when the Argentine breeders began to make mixtures until they developed the Argentine Dogue. The selection of these Argentine breeders was guided to create a hunting dog with a very fine sense of smell, appropriate for the hunting of puma and the wild boar, with an unmistakably white that would allow the hunter to recognize it from the pray very easily.
Nowadays, besides the hunting function for which it was created, it is considered as an excellent hunting dog as well as a guide dog for blind people and even as a police and rescue dog in Argentina. This is due to the fact that this is an intelligent and very adaptable dog.
Reason for pride and many times also of dispute, the Argentine Dogue is never omitted; in any case, it gets the admiration of everyone.
Contrary to the history of other breeds we know almost exactly everything about its origin. It was created on the 20's by the brothers Agustin and Antonio Nores Martinez.
After more than two decades, in 1947, it was presented in society, but the recognition didn't arrive until 17 years after, when the Argentine Cinologic Association approved it in 1964. Further on, in 1975, the world would put their eyes on this dog and the recognition of the International Sinology Federation was seen in Belgium.
The great size of this dog, its robustness, power and vivacity are the result got by its creators after mating 10 different breeds.
It was created with the purpose of making it collaborate in the hunting of wild boar, fox and puma. Giving us an idea of how much power and strength this animal has.
Breeds that conformed it:
Great Dane: gave it size.
Boxer: vivacity and kindness.
Pyrinean Mastiff: the whiteness.
Cordova Fighting Dog: the base.
Irish Greyhound: hunting instinct.
Spanish Mastiff: rusticity and power.
Pointer: aptitude to smell out.
Dogue de Bordeaux: powerful jaw.
Bulldog: wideness of chest and braveness.
Bull Terrier: it provided intrepidity.
DESCRIPTION of Argentine Dogo
Their eyes are dark with a nice hazel color, the eyelids have black borders, they can also be light and very separated among each other. This dog has a lively and intelligent look with a marked severity.
Straight or semi-straight at the top of the head cut in a triangular shape.
Powerful and closing in scissors.
Thick, arched and slim, with the skin of the throat very thick at the double chin.
Wide and deep, it gives the impression of having big lungs. Seen from the front, the sternum slips under the line of the elbows.
Straight, very firm, with short and joined fingers.
Straight spinal cord with muscular relieves of a great development that produce the visual effect that the back is saddled. Besides that, the cross is taller than the hindquarters.
With a moderate angle, very muscular and with a short talon.
Long and thick, but not surpassing the spurs. It keeps it fallen except when fighting, moment in which the dog keeps it high and in a constant lateral movement.
Uniform and totally white.
The size and the robustness of this canine are put into evidence with the weight that is around 40 and 45 kg for females and around 50 and 55 kg for males, and the height that goes from 60 to 65 cm.

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