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Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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HEIGHT: 60 cm
WEIGHT: 35 - 45 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of belgian shepherd dogs
Just like its name shows, its country of origin is Belgium. This dog is harmoniously proportioned, intelligent, tough, used to life outdoors, able to resist rough weather and the constant climatic changes that re so common in Belgium.
It has an instinctive ability to work both as a shepherd dog and a guard dog, and if needed a ferocious protector of its master and is family. Its alert, aware, its lively and questioning look denotes its intelligence.
DESCRIPTION of belgian shepherd dogs
Its anatomy and the height of its head, has given this Belgian Shepherd the elegance that has become the heritage of selected characteristic of the working breeds.
Its head is well shaped, long but not exaggeratedly. The skull and snout are equal in length; with a small advantage to the snout. All of this giving it a perfect finishing touch.
Black, with well opened nostrils.
Of medium length, thinning out gradually towards the nose. The upper line is straight, seen from the side it is parallel to an imaginary line extending from the skull. With a well cut mouth.
Thin tissue, very tight, darkly colored, without showing revealing the mucous membrane.
The jaw is made up of strong, white, regular sized, strongly placed teeth, on a well developed jaw. The upper jaw's incisors must slide over the lower jaw, which they surpass slightly, but keeping contact with them. This surpassing of the incisors is preferred by sheep & cattle farmers.
Moderate, but marked.
Of medium width, in proportion with the length of the head, the forehead more flat than round, the middle line hardly marked. Seen from the side it is parallel to the imaginary line continuing from the snout.
Of medium size, not deep set or protruding and slightly almond shaped. Of very dark color, the darker the better. The eyelids being having a dark lining. With a direct, lively, intelligent & questioning look.
Triangular, upright & straight, placed high. Of long proportionate length and well rounded base.
The neck is slightly elongated, very muscular, without double chin, thickening out gradually towards the shoulders.
Completely dense skeleton. The muscle mass is strong. Shoulders: long and oblique shoulder blades, placed flatly, forming with the flue a sufficient angle to allow easy movement of the elbows. Legs: most move following a parallel course of the longitudinal axle of the body. Forelegs: must be long and muscular. Metacarpal: strong and short; the ankles are concise, without any trace of rachitic. Feet: more or less round, curved and well closed toes, thick and elastic pads, dark and thick nails.
Its body is powerful and not bulky. The length between the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttocks is approximately the same size as the cross length on males, and slightly longer on females. Fore-chest: seen from the front, not too wide, without being narrow. Chest: narrow, deep and descending, like in all resistant animals. The thoracic cage is surrounded by the ribs, arched in the upper side. Cross: marked. Lumbar region: straight, wide, and powerfully muscular. Belly: moderately developed; not fallen or tucked in, it follows in a harmonious curb with the lower chest line. Hindquarters: it inclines slightly, wide, but not excessively.
The back extremities are powerful, but not in a bulky way. Moving in the same way as the front ones. Perpendicularly aplomb to the ground. The thighs are thick and with good muscles. The femur I practically perpendicular to the hip. Its legs are characterized for being long, wide, muscular and conveniently elbowed with the hocks but not excessively. The hocks must be close to the floor, wide and muscular. Seen from behind they must be perfectly parallel. Solid and short metacarpals. Spurs are not desirable. The feet are slightly rounded; curved and well closed toes. Thick and elastic pads. Dark and thick nails.
The tail is well placed at he base; of medium length. When at rest the dog leaves it down, the tip slightly curved at the height of the hock. When in action it lifts it, without at any moment curling or detour.
Its preferable when the face mask includes the upper & lower lips, the commissures and the eyelids in one black area.
Since the hair varies in length, direction and look between the breeds, it helps distinguish each one. In all the varieties it should be abundant, thick and with a good texture, with the under-hair forming a wool protecting layer..
Dark golden color, the more natural look is the most favored. It must have a vivd color, not clear or faded.
They are dark golden in color with a black face mask.
They are jet black.
Golden with dark shades specially on the snout and tail. A little white is accepted in the forearm and toes.
The desired size is around 62 cm for males and 58 cm for females, with a tolerance of 2 cm less or 4 cm more.

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