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Bichon Frise Dog Breed

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HEIGHT: 30 cm.
WEIGHT: 12 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 15 -16 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of the Bichon Frise Dog Breed
All this dog demands for is love, a playing partner and some cares.
The original functions of this breed weren't to chase hunt game or keep the herds, but primarily to serve as a company animal in a domestic environment. It has a daring, lively, intelligent and affectionate character, its temperament is docile and kind. It has an elegant way of walking and it always carries its head up. The dark and alert eyes mark and define its expression.
Its tail reveals its mood; if it is all right, the tail will be over the back; watch it.
This is a small dog, with a happy walking. It is considered into the company dog's group, also called by some people as lap dogs because they always look for contact with its masters.
Due to its weight, size and behavior, this is an ideal breed for company; besides that, it gets well adapted to small spaces.
DESCRIPTION of the Bichon Frise Dog Breed
It keeps a harmony with the body. The skull is kind of flattened, even when the ornament of its head makes it look as if it were rounded. The skull is longer than the snout. The truffle is rounded, with a fine and lustrous appearance. The lips are fine, pretty thin and they fall enough to cover the lower lip. They are never thick or hanging. They are colored in black up to the edges. The lower lip can not be thick or loose and in any case the mucous should be exposes when the mouth is closed.
The teeth are normal; meaning, the incisive of the lower jaw are placed immediately after the incisive of the upper jaw.
It should not be thick or heavy or tight. The cheeks are flattened and not very muscular.
They are dark, as well as the eyelids. It has a rounded shape. They have an alert expression; they are not too big and not prominent either. The globe of the eye should not come out in an exaggerated way.
They hang and are covered with finely curled, long hair. The ears are twisted to the front when the dog is alert. The length of the cartilage should not reach the truffle, as in the case of the Poodle, but to half the length of the snout.
It is pretty long and the dog always has it straight and with pride. Near the skull it is rounded and fine and gets bigger until it gets nicely inserted at the shoulders. Its length corresponds at about 1/3 of the length of the body (in a proportion of 11 to 33 cm for an animal of 27 cm of height) taking the edges of the shoulders against the cross as a base.
Wide back, very muscular and kind of arched, the hindquarters are slightly rounded.
It is well developed. The false ribs are rounded and are not ended roughly. In horizontal direction, that is why the chest is pretty long.
They are pretty raised at the abdominal region, here the skin is thin and doesn't hang, giving the dog a pretty loose appearance.
It is placed a little lower than the back line in which the Poodle's tail is placed. Generally, it is presented raised and graciously folded on the plane of the dorsal spine, not twisted. It is not cut either and it can not touch the back, as the ornament of the head might.
Seen from the front, they are straight and flattened. The shoulders appear placed pretty oblique but not prominent, they give the impression of having the same length of the arm, in other words, around 10 cm.
The pelvis is wide, the tights also wide, muscular and oblique.
Vigorous, the nails are preferred to be black, but it is not habitual.
It is fine and silky, in the shape of a cork-screw, similar to goat hair or the Mongolia. It is not flattened or wired and its length goes from 7 to 10 cm. The hair grooming, on the snout as well as in the feet, can be slightly cut.
Pure white.
The height to the cross should not go over the 30 cm and the weight is calculated at around 12 kg.
This should be your first question before thinking on the breed that you are going to choose.

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