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Dogue De Bordeaux Puppies & Dogs

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HEIGHT: 60 - 68 cm.
WEIGHT: 50 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of the Dogue De Bordeaux
This is not a lap dog or an insecure one or a crazy and uncontrolled bodyguard either, this is a mobile gladiator.
It needs enough space to live and constant caring training. It is enough to use an adequate tone of voice for the dog to know right from wrong. The roughness and toughness will alter it and they are not necessary.
It is quiet and balanced, very close to its master and its family. It is caring, reserved with the strangers and neutral with them when its master is present, who it shows its love and loyalty. Kind and patient with children, who it loves and protects. It hates loneliness and inactivity and it is never aggressive with no previous provocation.
Its origin comes from the time of the Celtics who used it to guard treasures and for major hunting. Two varieties were known in the middle age: the "carnivorous dog" and the "Turkish dog", trained for the hunts with bears, bulls and other dogs. Later on, it was used as a guardian for houses and castles. In Bordeaux, by the end of the XIX century the breed was thought disappeared, but then it was developed again.
This is an excellent dog for the house, the farm and the family; it guards its master and their properties really well.
DESCRIPTION of the Dogue De Bordeaux
Very voluminous, angled, wide, pretty short.
Its volume and its shape are the consequence of the important development of the temporals, of the upper archs of the eye holes, of the cigomatic arch and of the distance of the lower maxillas. The upper region of the skull is slightly convex from one side to the other. The stop forms, with the nasal cane, an almost straight angle of 95 to 110 degrees. The frontal depression, deep, attenuates to the rear extremity of the head. The forehead domains the face. Therefore, it is wider than taller.
The head has symmetric wrinkles at each side of the middle line. These deep wrinkles are mobile according to the state of attention of the dog.
Powerful, wide, thick, pretty short, upper profile slightly concave with some folds that soberly mark it. Its width hardly diminishes to the edge of the snout. In relation with the upper area of the skull, it forms a very obtuse angle. Its perimeter is close to the 2/3 of the head. Its length varies between the quarter and the third of the total length of the head.
Wide, the nasal pits are open and colored in black or red, depending on the mask.
Very wide & powerful. The lower maxillas should excel in 0.5 cm as a minimum and 2 cm as a maximum. The incisive or the canines should not be visible with the mouth closed.
Strong canines, the lower ones open and slightly curved. The incisive are well aligned on the whole lower jaw, where it forms an apparently straight line.
Thick, moderately hanging, retractile, rounded around the lower maxilla.
Oval, widely separated. The space between the two inner angles of the eyelid is equivalent, approximately, to twice the length of an eye. Pretty emphasized superficial arches. Frank look; color that goes from hazel to brown on the dogs with black mask; a less dark color is tolerated on dogs with red mask.
They are relatively small, of a darker color than the coat. It is inserted on the front, the front side is a little raised, but they should fall loose along the cheeks. The lower tip rounded at the level of the upper line of the skull.
Very strong, muscular, almost cylindrical. Huge neck with wide, loose and flexible skin. The middle circumference equals the head's. The neck is separated from the head by a light transversal line slightly curved. Its upper profile is slightly convex. The double chin, very evident, begins at the level of the throat, forming folds right up to the chest.
Potent, deep, wide, descend further than the elbow. The ribs of the sternum rounded. The false ribs very tight and descendent, the circumference of the thorax has to be superior to the height to the cross by 25 or 30 cm.
Potent, marked muscles.
Straight, wide and muscular back. The cross is very marked, the kidney is wide, pretty short and solid. The hindquarters are moderately oblique until the beginning of the tail.
Very thick on the base. Its tips don't go over the hock. In repose, it hangs vertically; it raises from 92 to 120 degrees when the dog is alert.
The bones are strong, the members are very muscular, the elbows are joined but not too separated either, the forearms are straight or a little leaned from the outside to the inside, getting slightly closer to the middle line, specially on the dogs with very wide chest. Strong, tight feet, curved and strong nails, preferably very colored. The pads are flexible and well developed.
Very developed and thick thighs. The knee bone region is placed on a parallel line to the vertical middle line or slightly to the outside. The leg is relatively short, muscular and very descendent. The hock is short, nervous, the angle of the hock is moderately open. Seen from behind, the paws are parallel giving a great impression of power, even when the rear third is slightly less potent than the front one.
It can have only one color, mahogany or included on the tiger like renage. The good pigmentation is well appreciated; the white spots that are not very extended are admitted on the chest or at the termination of the extremities (socks), fine hair, short and very soft to the touch.
The height to the cross on males varies from 60 to 68 cm, and on females from 58 to 66 cm. The males have a minimum weight of 50 kg and the females of 45.

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