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Brazilian Fila Mastiff
Dogs Breeds

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HEIGHT: 60 - 70 cm.
WEIGHT: 50 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of Brazilian Fila Mastiff
The Fila is docile, trustful, brave, affectionate, loyal to its masters, excellent protector, intelligent and extremely obedient.
This dog is easy to breed and it gets adapted to the urban life, which gave the breed the chance to become mainly guardian.
It has a great aversion for the strangers, but its loyalty to the owner is one of the main characteristics of the breed.
It likes love as well as good treatment and attention; it is intelligent, easy to train and gives a very special attention to children, being tolerant in any circumstance.
It has great courage, notable determination and braveness, it is docile with its owner, the family and children.
It always looks for the company of its master and most of all to receive caresses; one of its characteristics is to observe the strangers by looking at them in a steady way and studying their movements.
With strong bones, squared complexion, compact but harmonious and well proportioned.
A agility slightly noticeable is added to its heaviness. The females should be meekly feminine so they can be distinguished from males at first sight.
One of its qualities consists on having good appearance, exceptional determination and braveness.
It is docile in the relation with its master and its family and it is really tolerant with children.
It has a quiet nature; its consciousness and self confidence are not perturbed by strange noises or a new environment.
It can not be treated as a surveillance dog, by instinct; this dog is a hunter of big animals and a shepherd dog for cows.
In repose, it is calmed, noble and trustful, it never shows bored or absent expression. When the dog is stimulated, its expression reflects determination and surveillance along with a decided expression.
DESCRIPTION of the Brazilian Fila Mastiff Dogs
The head of the Fila is big, heavy, but always well proportioned to the body. Seen from the side, the snout and the skull should show an approximate relation of 1 to 1 in which the snout is a little shorter than the skull.
Its profile describes a soft curve from the stop to the occipital protuberance that is marked, especially with puppies. Seen from the front, the skull is big, wide, and its upper line slightly arched. The lateral lines are guided almost vertically to the down side forming and arch that diminishes in the direction of the snout.
Inexistent, particularly when it is seen from the front, the middle line is slightly marked and goes softly up to the skull. Seen from the side, the stop is insignificant, leaned and is formed thanks to the eyebrows that are well developed.
Wide and developed windows, even when they don't use the whole width of the maxilla.
It is logically strong, wide and deep, always in harmony with the skull. Seen from the air, it is full under the eyes; it gets thinner until the middle of the snout and then gets wider until the edge. Seen from the side, the snout is straight or slightly curved down, but never convex. The front part of the snout is almost vertical, with a depression placed exactly under the nose forming a perfect arch with the upper lip. The snout is very deep at the base, but its depth is not higher than its length.
The upper lip is thick and hanging and covers the lower lip, forming the lower line of the snout that is almost parallel to its upper line. The borders of the lips are always visible. The lower lip is very close to the maxilla until the fangs and from there on, the lip is loose with borders. The borders of the lips form an inverted "V"
They are wider than long, strong and white. The upper incisive is wide in its root and sharp at the edges. The fangs are strong, well placed in the maxilla and separated from each other. The ideal bite is scissor like even when the tong bite is allowed.
From medium to big, almond shaped very separated from each other. The admitted eye colors go from dark brown to yellow, always in harmony with the color of the coat. Due the quantity of loose skin, many Fila have hanging lower eyelids, which are not considered a fault since that detail reinforces the melancholic expression typical of this breed.
Hanging, thick, big, in the shape of a "V", wide, they get thinner to the rounded tip, placed at the rear side of the skull; in repose, at the level of the eyes; when the dog is alert, the ears are over this original position. The root of the ear is higher in the front border than in the back one. The ears hang next to the cheeks or fold back having the interior visible.
Exceptionally strong and muscular, it seems short. Slightly arched on the upper border and very differentiated from the head. It has a prominent double chin.
Strong, wide and deep, covered by a thick loose skin. The thorax is longer than the belly. The length of the body corresponds to the dog's height plus a 10%, which is measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock.
The cross is in a descendent line. The cross is lower than the hindquarters. The upper line modifies its direction behind the cross and ascends softly until the hindquarters. The back line shows no signs of an arched back.
Short and as deep as the thorax. The back and the thorax are clearly separated. In the females, they are more developed on the lower area. Seen from the air, the back is more narrowed than the thorax and the hindquarters.
Wide and long, forms an angle close to 30 degrees with the horizontal line; slightly rounded. The hindquarters are a little taller than the cross. Seen from behind, the hindquarters are as wide as the thorax and it can be a little wider on the females.
Very arched ribs, even when this should not affect the position of the shoulders, wide and deep chest that reaches the elbow articulation, very marked sternum.
Elongated chest with a parallel line to the floor in all its length and prolongations. The belly line is slightly ascendant to the back.
Very wide at the base and placed at a middle height; it gets clearly thinner. When the Fila is alert, it carries the tail high and the curve of the tip is more notorious, it should be twisted on the back..
The region of the shoulder should be formed by two bones of the same length that form the articulation of the shoulder that is located at the level of the fore-chest; even when a little bit behind it. An imaginary vertical line from the cross should touch the elbows and reach the feet. The rear members have strong bones, parallel and straight.
Strong and very arched toes and not too joined. Thick, wide and deep pads. It would be ideal if the feet are directed to the front.
The bones here are less heavy than on the front members. The thighs are rounded, thanks to its strongly developed muscles. These muscles come from the kidney and form the outer limit of the rear member. The rear members are parallel.
A little more oval than the previous ones, but, except for this, they have the same description. They should have no spur (fifth toe).
Hard and dark; white nails are only acceptable when the color of the hair, toes and feet is white.
It should be elastic and with a long step. Its agile steps are similar to that of the felines. Its main characteristic is a compassed way of walking in which the members of each side have a totally symmetrical movement. This produces a swinging movement of the whole body that is call "camel walk" that is appreciated along the whole upper line of the body until the tail. The Fila shows an elastic trot, free and easy with vigorous steps. The gallop is vigorous and it shows an unexpected speed in such a big and heavy dog. Due to its relaxed structure, its movement gives the impression that is can change direction unexpectedly and quickly and this is exactly what happens.
One of the most important characteristics of the breed is the thick and loose skin that covers the whole body. It is very loose on the neck, which gives place to the double chin, over the sternum and the belly. Some Filas have a fold on the sides of the head or on the cross; this last one descends until the shoulders. When the dog is in repose, the head doesn't present folds, but as soon as its attention is stimulated, the skin forms little folds over the skull.
It is short, straight, dense and strongly stuck to the body.
All the uniform colors are acceptable with exception of white and rat gray, as well as spotted and black bird color. The Filas which coat seems completely tiger like, can present clear or very dark lines. A black mask can be present, but not mandatory. In all of the permitted colors, the white spots on the feet, chest and the tip of the tail are acceptable; they are undesirable in any other region of the body. The white spots that cover more than of the body should be penalized.
The height to the cross on males goes from 65 to 75 cm and on females from 60 to 70 cm. The minimum weight of males is 50 kg and of females, 40.
It is mandatory for all the Filas that are older than 12 months in order to get the champion title. All the champions should have a certificate of fulfillment of the temperament test. Such a test is done in all the specialties exhibitions. In the great exhibitions it is done in general or depending to the criterion of the judge. The important thing for this test is to be done openly and outside of the exhibition floor.
The test consists in:
1. Attack with stick: the dog is expected to attack the aggressor with no support, so the handler should keep it in place. It is forbidden to touch or hit the dog.
2. Shoot test: Some bullets are fired in the air, at a distance of five meters from the dog. The dog should show attention and, at the same time, security and self confidence.
3. During the whole exhibition of the runway, the judge should analyze the behavior and character of the Fila and pay attention to its expression. During the temperament test, the following factors should be observed.
Aversion to strangers.
Self assurance and mood, determination and braveness of each dog.

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