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French Bulldog - French Bulldogs Puppies

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HEIGHT: Proportioned.
WEIGHT: 8 - 14 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
DESCRIPTION of French Bulldog
It is docile by nature, it needs the constant presence of its masters, whose attitude the dog will loyalty imitate.
It can remain quiet when it is in the company of adults or sick people.
It joyfully participates in the crazy games of children.
It will never show hostility with guests, on the contrary, its courtesy will be exceptional. This is a dog that feels happy only in the company of man, a dog that will always prefer a modest but warm home to the biggest of the palaces if it has to live alone.
Truth is that this dog needs to communicate through playing, caresses, and deaf dialogues it has with its master. This is a dog that gets well adapted to indoor life and loves going on trips. Its short hair is very easy to clean.
Loyal to its origins, the French Bulldog, specially the male, shows a surprising courage. A courage that is sometimes confused with temerity.
CHARACTERISTICS of the French Bulldogs Puppies
This is typically a dog of small dimensions. Powerful for its size, short, compact in all of its proportions, with soft hair, short face, flattened snout, straight ears and naturally cut tail. It should have the appearance of an active animal, intelligent, very muscular, with a compact structure provided with solid bones.
It is strong, wide and squared, with the skin forming almost symmetric wrinkles. The head of the Bulldog is characterized by the contraction of the jaw and the nose.
Wide, almost flattened. Prominent superficial arcs, separated by a line that is particularly developed between the eyes. Such line should not be extended to the forehead.
Profoundly emphasized.
Wide, very short, nasal pits very open and symmetrical leaned towards the end.
Pretty short, wide, with concentric and symmetric wrinkles falling to the upper lips.
Wide, squared, powerful. The lower jaw shows a curve that end up next to the upper jaw. When the mouth is closed the prominence of the lower jaw is moderated by the curve of the bones of the lower jaw.
The lower incisive should never be behind the upper ones. The arc of the lower ones is rounded. The jaws should never show lateral deviations or torsions. The disposition of the arcs shouldn't be strictly delimitated, the essential condition is that the region of the upper and lower lips cover the teeth completely.
With a lively expression, placed low, kind of distant from the nose and especially from the ears, with a dark coloration, pretty big, rounded, with no traces of white when the dog is looking straight.
Middle size, wide on the base and rounded on the tips. Placed high on the head, but not too close, and very straight.
Short, kind of arched and with no double chin.
It rises progressively to the level of the back to decline quickly to the tail. This conformation is the consequence of a short back.
Short and placed low on the hindquarters, near the buttocks. The tail is thick at the base and naturally short; the tip is sharpened. Even in action, it should be horizontal. A relatively long tail, cut and sharpened is admissible but not desirable.
The front legs should fall vertically and parallel seen from the front and the side. They are placed separately from each other.
It has "cat feet"; it means, small rounded feet, firm on the floor and slightly turned out. The toes are compact, with short nails, thick and separated. The pads are resistant, thick and black. In the tiger like dog, the nails should be black. In the spotted ones (lion like, with white patches) the nails are dark.
Strong and muscular, with the rear legs a little longer than the front ones, which rises the rear quarters. The legs are vertical and parallel seen from the side and back. Compact feet. Muscular thighs, firm without being too rounded.
Free, with the legs moving in a parallel way to the middle plane of the body.
Beautiful and soft, compact and straight.
Uniform lion like or with some patches. All of the lion like colors are admitted, from red to the light brown.
On very beautiful animals, certain lack of color of the face can be tolerated, along with the nose, eyelids and dark eyes.
The weight shouldn't be under 8 kg or over the 14 kg as long as we are talking about a Bulldog in a good physical condition. Besides that, the height should be in proportion with the weight.

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