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Bull Terrier

Puppies & Dogs

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HEIGHT: 36 cm.
WEIGHT: 35 - 40 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
DESCRIPTION of the Bull Terrier
With a huge nose, these dogs, born from mating between the Bulldog and different Terriers, was considered as one of the most ferocious dog on earth.
With no fear to exaggerate, its character is particularly ardent and hot, full of an energy that normally demands strict training.
It is stubborn and it may show an excess of dominance. But at the same time, it is playful, frank and affectionate.
It has a very good relation with children, but not that as much with other dogs.
This is not a dog that demands too much care. It will be more than enough with a simple brushing to take care of its short hair.
As for the space needed, it gets really well adapted to the life in an apartment.
This is an animal of a vigorous, muscular, well proportioned and active, with a lively expression, decided and intelligent.
One singular characteristic is that its head has no depression on the stop and has the shape of an egg. Without considering the height, the males should have a masculine aspect and the females a feminine one.
These dogs have an even and obedient temperament. Even when they are stubborn, they are particularly friendly.
This dog has a long, strong head, deep until the tip of the snout, but not tough. Seen from the front, it should have the shape of an egg and be completely full; in other words, the surface of the head is free of depressions and cracks. The upper part of the skull should be almost flattened in between the ears. Seen from the side, it curved down softly from the occipital to the tip of the nose that should be black and curved down on the tip. The nasal pits well developed and the maxilla solid and vigorous.
Healthy, strong and clean teeth of a good size, perfectly regular and with a complete scissors like type of bite and also regular; it means that the inner face upper incisive is in contact with the outer face of the lower incisive and place perpendicularly in the maxilla. Well defined and adherent lips.
They should be small and with a penetrating look, triangular and place obliquely, black or very dark brown that look almost black. The distance from the tip of the nose to the eyes should be higher than the one existing from the eyes to the upper part of the skull. Blue or partially blue eyes are undesirable.
Small, thin and very close from each other. The dog should keep them straight and with the tips directly upwards.
It is very muscular, long and forms a small but pronounced arc. The neck gets gradually thinner from the shoulders to the head and it doesn't present a double chin.
Strong and muscular shoulders, but not heavy. The elbows are straight and strong. The front members have rounded and strong bones, perfectly parallel. On adult dogs, the length of the front members should be approximately the same as the depth of the thorax.
Rounded and deep body from the region of the cross to the chest, in such a way that this one gets closer to the floor than the abdomen. The ribs should be very rounded.
Short, strong back, the back line begging at the cross is horizontal and arcs slightly to some wide and muscular flanks. The lower line from the thorax to the abdomen should form an elegant ascending curve. Seen from the front, the chest is wide.
Seen from behind the rear members are parallel. Muscular thighs and well developed legs. The articulations of the knees show certain angulations as well as the hocks. The bones are short ad strong to the feet.
Rounded and compact with arched toes.
Short, placed low and carried horizontally. Thick at the base and thins up to the tip.
Coordinated movements, this dog walks uniformly with easy steps and with a joyful appearance. When it trots, the movement should be parallel in the front and back. It only converges to a central point on a fast speed.
Short, tight, rough to the touch and with a fine shine. The skin is adhered to the body.
There are dogs that show pure white. The pigmentation of the skin and the spots on the head are not penalized. On the animal of a different color, the tiger like coloring is preferred. The black tiger like color, red, fawn and tricolor are acceptable.
There are no limits on weight and height, but the animal should give the impression of maximum solidity according to it distinctive features and gender.
Standard of the miniature variety:
The standard of the miniature Bull Terrier is the same as the general one, except on the following:
The height shouldn't exceed 33.5 cm. It should give the impression of a good substance for the size of the dog. There are no limits on its weight.
This should be your first question before thinking on the breed that you are going to choose.

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