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Dog Chasing Running for Cars or Dog Running Away

The dog chases another dog, the dog chases a child or an adult. The dog chases a car. The dog chases a bicycle, a jogger, etc.
Dog Chasing Cars In their natural habitat, dogs must sometimes chase to survive. The instinct of chasing is deeply ingrained in the dog's subconscious. Though certain dogs were trained to work with herds of animals, all dogs possess this trait to a degree. In the wild, a terrified moving target that is flying away awakens the instinct to chase. A domestic dog with these same strong tendencies will react in a similar fashion, no matter what the moving target is : another dog, a cat, a squirrel, or even a car. A dog unable to spend excess energy will find a way to sublimate it. Dogs chase either to get rid of an invader on his territory, by pure instinct to chase, or to play. For example, you are outside and you want to take a walk with your dog. He will be obedient until a bicycle passes by and disturbs him; his urge to chase will be stronger than his will to obey your command. Because of unfortunate consequences which can result from a dog that chases and is completely out of control, such as someone (or the dog himself) getting hurt, the behavior must be modified.
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