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Potty Training Dog Tip

Closing remarks concerning dog soiling. Observe your puppy after he awakens, and after meals. Your companion is looking for a place to do his business. If he starts going around in circles, sniffing the ground, or crouching down in the house, immediately activate the spray collar. When the puppy is startled and reacts by jumping up, pick him up quickly, and place him in the exact spot where he is supposed to defecate. When he defecates at the proper place, congratulate him heartily. At the beginning of his education, you can add a treat to the praise. You needs Potty Training Dog Tip

Have a regular schedule
A fixed schedule allows you to determine when the dog is hungry, and consequently, when you are going to integrate the education periods in your schedule, including times for defecation . Always pick up the bowl of food fifteen minutes after the beginning of the meal, whether the dog has finished his bowl or not. The schedule should include a morning outing, before and after the meal, as well as when you come home from work, after supper, and before bed. A stable routine allows the dog's metabolism to stabilize itself. Seeing as all dogs don't defecate at the same time, keep track of your own dog's rhythm, and let him out at opportune times. The key to success lies in the "meal-defecation" routine, stable, seven days a week.
The pack leader controls the food Your dog is counting on YOU to feed him. The dog must clearly understand that the food comes from you, and no one else. During his education, give him food directly from your hand. You are not demonstrating your authority by leaving a bowl full of food on the floor. However, when you feed your dog, and he's hungry, it becomes perfectly clear in the dog's mind that you are top dog.
The pack leader eats first In nature, the dominant dog eats first, therefore, if the dog's schedule resembles yours, make sure your dog eats last. It is imperative that the dog be with you when you eat, but from a distance, as it would be in a pack of wolves.
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