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Border Collie Puppies

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HEIGHT: 55 - 65 cm.
WEIGHT: 25 - 35 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of the Border Collie Puppies
The Collie will be a lot happier dog if you assign it a task to fulfill.
The original objective of the creation of the breed was to form a shepherd dog. That objective was fulfilled and overcome after seeing that the dog was also an excellent animal with a temperament and sociability that were appropriate to live with a family.
This is a caring and sweet dog, especially with children.
On the other side, its intelligence and fast assimilation of knowledge have to be highlighted.
The puppies are playful and, as it is obvious, they need special attention and care, but when they become adults, they are not turbulent animals.
This is not a dog that generates odor either, so it is not necessary to shower it too often.
In order to maintain its hair in good conditions it will be enough with a weekly brushing with a oval wire comb.
If the dog sleeps outdoors, its hair will look better.
Even when the Collie Rough looses a lot of hair during the molt seasons, picking it up is not difficult since this hair is pretty long.
One of the main defects of this dog is its bad health specially suffering from eye diseases.
It is important to give the dog the chance to exercise outdoors at least two hours a day.
DESCRIPTION of the Border Collie Puppy Dog
The Collie is a flexible dog, strong, sensitive and active. Its natural posture is straight and firm.
The characteristics of the head are very important. Seen from the front and the side, the head has the general appearance of a triangular prism, being straight and clean on the sides and very well balanced in proportion. On the sides, the head converges gradually from the ears to the end of its black nose. The skull is flat and narrow. The skull-snout axles have the same length.
Seen from the side, the upper part of the skull and the upper part of the snout are located in two approximately parallel planes, divided by a very slight but perceptive stop.
The middle point between the inner angles of the eye is the center of balance of the head. The end of the soft and rounded snout is not sharp but not squared either. There is a slight protuberance that is slightly marked over the eyebrows. The rear skull is flat. The occipital bone shouldn't be too pointy.
Its teeth have a good size with a scissor like bite.
If we add a pair of obliquely placed eyes to this combination of flattened skull, arched eyebrows, light stop and a rounded snout, then we will get the majestic appearance proper of the Collie.
Except for the "merle" ones, both eyes should have the same color. They have an almond shape, middle size, never big or prominent.
The color of the eyes should be dark and depending on the case, they should show a yellow ring or a third eyelid, so prominent that it affects the expression of the dog. The eyes are characterized for they light and shiny appearance that express intelligence and curiosity. When the ears are straight and the dog in alert, this sensation increases.
In merles, dark brown eyes are preferable, but one of them or even the two of them should be of porcelain color. The big, rounded or full eyes rest a lot of merit to the desired sweet expression.
The ears should be proportional to the size of the head. Its position is semi-straight and they fold naturally. The small ears are not very common. On the other side, the big ears can not be raised correctly on the head most of the times and even if they were straight, they would be clearly proportioned compared to the size of the head.
While in repose, the ears are folded along and laying backwards on the hair. In alert, the ears are kept raised and naturally fallen to the front. A dog with raised ears or with fallen ears would never have the sweet expression proper of the breed, so it will be penalized.
The neck is firm, clean and muscular, potent and covered with long hair. Of a medium length, raised at the nape of the neck giving it a proud appearance.
The body is firm, hard and muscular, a little bit longer than tall. The ribs appear well rounded behind the leaned shoulders. The chest is deep, extending to the elbows. The back is strong and leveled and is supported by the hips and the powerful tights. The hindquarters are slightly leaned which shows a rounded termination. The back is powerful.
Those animals that are too fat or, on the contrary, too thin; the ones that may suffer from some skin disease are not in conditions to be presented in any show.
The front paws are straight and muscular. The size of the bone is not big considering the size of the dog. They should never show heaviness. The excessively narrowed body structure as the one that is too wide is penalized. The forearm should be moderately fleshy.
The rear paws are muscular on the thighs, with a lot of tendon and the talons and knees folded. A dog with cow talons or straight knees will be penalized. The feet, relatively small, have an oval shape. The soles are well padded and resistant. The toes are arched and together. An excessive pose is undesirable.
The movement is firm. When the dog moves in a slow trot, seen from the front, its front paws move almost in the same line. The front paws don't excel the elbows, they don't cross. The dog should not have a sharp movement. It is not adequate for the dog to balance from side to side either. Seen from behind, the rear paws descend straight and they also leave close prints along each other. In a moderate trot, the rear legs are powerful and propelling. Seen from the side, the step is reasonably long and stretched besides even and keep the back line firm.
As the speed of the movement increases, the Collie will end up leaving only one print, taking the front paws to the inside in a straight line from the hip to the central line of the body. The movement suggests speed with no apparent effort, which, combined with the shepherd inheritance of the dog makes the change of direction in the trajectory possible almost instantly.
The tail is moderately long, it has to reach the tip of the talon with its last vertebra or even surpass it. The tail is kept low when the dog is quiet. When the dog is in motion or excited the tail goes happily, but never over the back.
The hair of an appropriate texture and modeled to the body is the glory crown of the Collie with long hair. The hair is always abundant, except on the head and the legs. The hair of the exterior layer is straight and rough to the tact. If the exterior hair is soft, opened or curled, would be penalized.
The inner hair; however, is soft, thick and so tift that is it difficult to see the skin. This is hair is abundant on the head and the collar. The hair of the mask is straight; the one on the front paws is also straight and abundant on the back side. The rear paws, from the foot to the talon should be neatly cut. The hair of the tail is abundant and on the hips is long and thick. The texture, the quantity and the degree in which the hair contributes to the packaging of the dog are very important points.
The recognized colors are: golden and white (the golden color varies from sandy to dark mahogany).
Tricolor (black, white and golden); the "blue merle" (mainly golden with white spots with or without marbling); and finally, white.
Golden and white:
It is mainly golden. This goes from light gold to a dark mahogany with white spots generally on the chest, neck, paws, feet and the tip of the tail. There can also be a white spot on the face or the rear side of the skull or both of them.
It is mainly black. It has white spots as the previous one and different tones of cinnamon color around the head and the paws.
"Blue merle":
The spotted color or marbled, mainly blue-gray and black with white spots as in the golden and white, and often with cinnamon tones of tricolor.
"Saber merle"
It is mainly golden with white spots with or without marbling.
The predominant color should be the white. It is admitted up to 20% of any other recognized color. The color spots should be on the head and the body.
The males should be around 61 and 66 cm to the shoulder and they should weight around 27 and 34 kg. The females are around 56 and 61 cm to the shoulders and they weight around 22 and 30 kg.

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