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Train your Dog to come - Dog training Command - Teaching Dog to Come

Recall is at the very base of redirecting a dog. Dogs can run much faster than you can. In heavy snow, for example, recall saves you from having to run after your dog. A puppy naturally reacts well to recall, but as he becomes self-assured with age, he wants to be independent. When he hears your recall command, give him a small treat when he promptly returns by your side. Owners often make the mistake of showing their dog that it is acceptable not to come back to them if he is busy sniffing and exploring the environment. The message the dog receives is that the signal "COME" does not mean "come back to me", but rather, "why don't you sniff and explore the environment" instead. Therefore, begin using recall in a place where the dog will not be distracted (at home, for example). 1. Call your dog by saying: "NAME + COME". 2. Quickly back up and shake the lure; give him a signal to come towards you, with your hand closed. 3. When the dog comes to you, congratulate him by giving him the SR "SOUND +GOOD!" ; reward him by petting him and giving him a treat (food, toy...) when he reaches your side. 4. If the dog doesn't come to you promptly, walk in the opposite direction and call your dog once more. When he comes to you, congratulate him with the SR "SOUND +GOOD!" , but withhold the treat.
For more efficient recalls, use the following sequence when the dog is near you: 1 Tell your dog "NAME + COME" using the hand gesture Congratulate him when he does by
giving him the SR "SOUND +GOOD!" as soon as he reaches your side. 2. Give the "SIT" signal with the right palm up. If he sits after the recall, give him the SR "sound +GOOD!" and reward him. It's always better for the dog to sit after a recall. If the dog does not return by your side when you know he knows the command very well, refer to sequence chart 2. 1. If the dog is distracted, give him the VW "HEY!" with an assertive tone, and give him the "COME" command once more. If that doesn't work, give him the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY". 2. Call him again; if he comes to you, congratulate him with the SR "SOUND +GOOD!" but withhold the reward.Note : You might have to use the long spray setting (3rd button) if the dog is extremely stimulated by an outside factor, such as.
Many factors can influence the recall : * The dog is intent on exploring his environment. * The extremely developed sense of smell distracts the dog when left loose. * The dog is easily attracted to an object that moves quickly. Repeat the "COME" command frequently, in various places, with different distractions.
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