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How to teach & Train your Dog to come & sit

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Many times, you will be able to notice potential dangers before your dog does, so it is essential for its security to teach it to immediately come when you demand it.
As a puppy, the dog comes looking for security, but once it is an adult, it has to be trained to come because it wants to be with you.
The training for the call is compensating and fun, especially when you establish a bond of trust between you and you canine partner.
1. Before this, the dog should learn to sit and remain quiet. With the leash in your left hand and a treat in the right one, move away giving it the order "stay".
2. Turn until you are facing the dog holding the leash and show the treat to the dog. Call the dog by its name and giving the order "come".
3. Once the dog reaches you, give it the order "sit". Many dogs will sit spontaneously so they won't loose sight of the treat, but you have to give the order anyway when your dog sits.
4. As soon as the dog has learnt to come to you with a regular leash, do it with a long one. A toy as a reward will be more visible from a distance for the dog.
5. When the dog obeys your orders "sit" and "come", give the reward toy and congratulate it.
6. With the dog's leash on your shoulder and the toy in your pocket, call the dog and order it to sit. Go to this stage once the dog already comes to you from the distance established by the long leash.
In order to make the dog lie down, get down and pass your hand through the leash up to the collar and push down, keeping you wrist and your elbow rigid while you give the dog the order "lie down".
Teaching the dog to lie down at home or in a quiet garden is easier than doing it in a more exciting environment. Once the dog has learnt the lesson you can move to do it another not very quiet place.

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