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Dog Pulling on Leash without harness. Dog Tugs.

The dog quickly learns to tug and keeps pulling on leash in order to reach his destination faster (and that's no dog tug toy). When the dog is young and there is no such thing as containment, he will literally fight with his leash, bite it, or lie down and refuse to go on. When the dog gets older, he becomes stronger, and pulls so much on the leash that it's impossible to control the dog. Oftentimes, owners cease taking their dogs out for a walk because of this. An insidious, vicious circle begins: lack of exercise leads to boredom, which in turns results in behavior problems, making the dog all the more difficult to control. Solving this problem means giving the dog a reason to want to walk by your side, and thus hate tugging at his leash. (In some cases, if dogs hate the leash, the command will have to be renamed). It is dangerous, not to mention irritating, to have a dog tugging at his leash during a walk. A dog that doesn't understand the command "HEEL" will first have to practice it without a leash. However, if the dog tugs while in full knowledge of the command, a particular technique must be applied. To solve the problem of a dog that tugs at his leash and understands the command to "HEEL". In this case, the dog knows the command very well. Still, he lags behind, or passes you. In both cases, this results in excess tension on the leash. In such cases: 1. Give him the VW "HEY!". 2. Give the leash a sharp tug and stop walking. The dog must deduce that if he pulls on his leash or passes you, he will go nowhere. 3. Remain immobile, and wait until the dog stops tugging before saying "GOOD!". 4. Counter each attempt at tugging by using the VW "HEY + SHORT SPRAY", if need be. 5. The VW must be used at the exact moment the dog commits the error of tugging. 6. When the dog has taken a few steps without tugging, congratulate him, and gradually increase the number of steps required to get congratulations.
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