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Destructive Chewing
Dog Behavior

The dog chews on the legs of chairs The dog "digs" in flatbeds, on a sofa The dog eats plants and shrubs. The dog sharpens his claws on doors, door frames, etc… What is deemed typical canine behavior can be a serious problem for many dog owners, more precisely, destructive behavior patterns in inappropriate places or on inappropriate objects. This type of behavior can be due to the fact that the dog wants to play, or that he simply wants to explore the environment with his muzzle. However, such behavior could be traced to a more serious cause, such as separation anxiety. Destructive behavior related to separation anxiety can be easily recognized, because it can be observed along with barking and problems with house training. Dogs can destroy pillows and various objects made of paper because they are bored. Boredom can also cause dogs to sharpen their claws on door frames, even rugs. Before dealing with problem-solving, it is important to determine the cause. Many factors, such as lack of exercise, boredom, panic and discomfort can be at the root of the problem of digging and destruction. For example, if a dog is hot, he can try to escape the heat by digging holes; a terrier digs because such action is a part of its nature. A dog can decide that destroying your office is a good way to relieve boredom. However it is important to understand that when a dog gnaws on an object which belongs to a family member such as a shoe, a glove or a hat, it has nothing to do with a desire for vengeance. Dogs do not destroy to be mean, or because the master cannot control his dog; destruction has nothing to do with dominance. A perfectly obedient dog that responds very well to all commands can nevertheless have a problem with destruction. A dog with lots of toys can still destroy inappropriate objects in the process of investigating his environment. It is futile to confront the dog with his mess after the fact, whether it comes from destruction or a problem with house training. The only way to correct the dog's behavior is to catch him in the act. After that, it's too late.
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