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Dog Body Language

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DOGS also talk, you can understand dog bodylanguage.
Someone who doesn't understand much of this animal knows that when a dog wags its tale and jumps around us, it means that it is happy.
The sign language is called body language and is used by all the beings in the world.
When a cat curves its body, a dog straightens its ears or a monkey screams, they are expressing something with each gesture. You just need to know what your are reading.
The dog's predecessor, the wolf, presents fourteen different facial expressions. From the different wrinkling of the nose or the forehead, the raise of the lips or sight; the drawing of the wolf's face skin reinforces all these expressions as if it were a theater mask.
Our dogs have lost some of these mimic expressions and even more those breeds that are the result of the artificial breeding. For example, how can you recognize the facial expression of a Bobtail, which has the face all covered with a hair curtain.
You should know that dogs with fallen ears are able express with them as well as the ones that have straight ears.
The rigid musculature of a Bull Terrier's head make it have a "poker face".
In this case, we will be limited to the sounds that are also expressions
There is a very wide repertory of sounds, from groans to screams, going through the growl and howls. They can be, at the same time, of a higher or lower intensity.
There are also noisy and silent dogs and this characteristic of each breed. We always have to be very alert to what a dog is trying to express through sound and body language, specially in the case of strange dogs.
Barking forms the spinal cord of the sound expressions of a domestic dog that learns to use it for purposes, in their majority, separated from the original ones produced in a wild state.
The most urban the canine breed is and the more adapted it is to the lifestyle proper from the large cities.
Barking can be express something more than a simple expulsion of air or get to be a continuous sound, different from howling only on the strength with which it is produced.
The more aggressiveness that is present on the dog's attitude, more hollowed the barking will sound. On the contrary, the highest and finest the barking is, the more fear they feel.
Sometimes the dog bark with not much conviction because it associates a situation with another similar one that would normally indicate a barking answer; it is possible that the dogs learnt to bark to attract the attention with favorable results. In this way, a hereditary standard of behavior is developing learnt functions. Reading dog body language helps all this.
The dog sometimes uses barking much like human shouts.
If in a quarrel between two men, one of them gives a steady look to the other, this is a sign that there will be physical violence implied. If by the contrary, the two men get into shouting and insulting each other, everything will end up in a dialectic fight.
Barking like shouting have a "testing" function is quarrel situation, in dogs as well as in humans.
If you are teaching your dog to attack the arm with no previous warning, it is probable that the first time someone raises a stick in front of the dog; it will stop and begin barking.
Among dogs, barking of a dog that is not at sight says a lot about its size and mood.
As the barking constitutes a very useful way to ease tensions, it is very frequent for the dog to bark when it is alone at home or when it wants to go out for a walk or when it expects to receive some food.
It is important to say here that to avoid promoting the annoying habit of barking, you just have to please the animal letting it get out of the room, taking it on a walk down the street of giving it what it wants to it, when it is quiet and silent.
When the dog barks of happiness, this is a way of relaxing. Now well, when it uses its bark in front of strangers that disturbs it, this barking is a "testing" type.
The dog doesn't know that it is alerting you from something, it just gets bigger and "horrible", adding the sound dimension to its other physical manifestations.

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