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Train Dog to sit "DOWN" when the dog is seated

1. Give the dog the command "NAME + DOWN", and proceed as follows: Bend your elbow and place your arm on your stomach. 1.a Turn your arm, while keeping your elbow bent. 1.b Rapidly unbend your elbow and lower your hand, keeping your palm downwards, between the dog's legs. He will have to crouch to reach the lure. Shake the lure in front of the dog's nose. Kneel down if you cannot execute the move. 1.c When the dog's snout is at 5 cm (2 inches) from the lure, place it on the floor, between the dog's legs, keeping your palm downward. 1.d Patiently, move the lure far away from the dog's legs to facilitate things, because the dog could try to reach it with his nose. Consequently, the dog's backside will go down by itself. 2. Congratulate your dog, giving him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" when he lies down. If he obeys, add a treat, or pet him and show him some affection. 3. If you are unsuccessful, grab the collar with the left hand, and keep your dog in a seated position. Capture the attention of your dog by saying his name before slipping your right hand under his forepaws or taking his legs. As you say "DOWN", raise and bring the legs forward so the dog can assume the "DOWN" position.
DOWN when the dog is standing
1. Tell the dog "NAME + DOWN" with the appropriate hand gesture. (see "DOWN" when the dog is seated) 2. Quickly place the lure on the ground between his legs as you hold your palms downward to control the lure. Keep this position until the dog lies down. When the dog's elbows touch the ground, move the lure towards his chest. This move will make him move his posterior downward. 3. Praise your dog by giving the SR "SOUND + GOOD! + REWARD". The treat should always be directly proportional to the quality of the dog's performance. 4. If you have trouble, try this: attract your dog under a coffee table, or beneath your leg. Shake the lure, and once the dog has sniffed the food, slowly move it away from his nose. The dog will then be obliged to crawl under your leg to get it.
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