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Dog Intestinal Parasites & Endoparasites

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The infection usually comes because of the ingestion of masks. The puppies take them with the colostrums and milk. Another way, even though less common, is the invasion through the skin from where they go to the kidney and the lungs, passing through the small intestine.
The appearance of anemia is very characteristic that, in the case of the puppies, can be fatal, even the survivors are often immune. The well fed adults usually develop the disease in an unnoticeable way, but they act as propagators of the illness.
It is very small, almost transparent and it is located on humans and is sometimes transmitted to the dog. The female of this parasite deposits its eggs in the intestinal mucus, being expulsed to the outside with the defecation where the larvas are born. They penetrate through the animal's skin, reaching the blood flow, to the lungs and the intestine.
This disease is characterized by diarrhea with mucus and, sometimes, traces of blood. Even when at first the dog may maintain its appetite and its normal activity, a lost of weight can be noticed. This is a highly contagious infectious disease, produced by a virus usually joined by bacteria. This disease affects puppies as well as the adult ones.
The symptoms usually appear after around four to ten days of incubation. The animal is usually apathetic, with fever, conjunctivitis and clear eye and nasal secretion. After the first period, the symptoms usually disappear, but just to come back accompanied by vomits and bloody diarrhea.
In the third phase, there is an infection of the respiratory system, accompanied by cough, expectoration, etc.
The animal shows a clear rejection to be exposed to direct light.
Three of four weeks after the infection, the nervous symptoms appear and they show with shakes and spasms that usually cause the classical teeth crashing, generally accompanied with the emission of foam from the mouth.
There is another particular way of appearance characterized by the proliferation of tissue on the pads, which acquire a hardness and abnormal growth.
In summary, we recommend you to vaccinate your dog regularly since, as we have said before, this disease can appear in young dogs as well as in the adult ones.

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