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English Bulldog

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HEIGHT: Proportional.
WEIGHT: 22 - 25 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 15 - 17 years.
DESCRIPTION of the English Bulldog
This is an ancient animal; very rare and, by a general rule, not well understood.
If it is treated kindly; if you pay a lot of attention to it and if it is usually in the company of its master, this is a calm and docile dog. However, when it is tied and left alone, it becomes less sociable and manageable, and if it is provoked or put under extreme situations, this is one of the most dangerous animals.
Behind the serious and constantly worried aspect of the bulldog puppy, it is a real clown full of vitality is hidden, one that jumps and sleeps with a nice expression. When it reaches adulthood, it is still a very vital dog that keeps a severe air.
This dog is always alert to everything that happens around it and is very sensitive. It should develop its great character from a very young age. It should be educated with tenderness and stimulate its intelligence.
This is one of the most pleasing and tolerant animals with children.
It will turn into a decided and watchful animal in front of strangers, but not aggressive.
It is not noisy, it barks only a little and always for a reason, it is tolerant with other dogs as long as they don't injure it.
The owner should try to make the dog exercise enough, respecting its rhythm, in order to make it muscular and increase its respiratory capacity.
You should keep this dog from getting excited, it often suffers from stress and most of all, not to expose it to the sun. Its main enemy against which this dog is totally defenseless.
The Bulldog that is proud of being perfect, should have a medium size and soft hair; with a heavy, thick and low body.
Its general aspect and attitude should suggest vigor, resistance and great stability.
The character should be even, affable and firm and have a peaceful expression.
By comparing animals of different genders, you should give a margin in favor of the females, since they don't present the characteristics of the breed with the same degree of perfection than the males.
CHARACTERISTICS of the English Bulldog
Very big, rounded. Seen from the front, the distance between the angle of the lower jaw and the higher part of the skull may seem too high giving the impression of having a wide and squared skull. Seen from the side, the head may seem high and short. The forehead should be flattened and not very prominent.
Rounded and going further than the eyes.
The projection of the bones of the skull, forehead and temporal, which are wide and well defined, rectangle and high, produce a line between the eyes that is as wide as deep. Such line should be placed in the middle of the forehead, dividing the head vertically and signing the upper part of the skull.
Seen from the front, they should lower than the skull and as far away from the ears as possible. They should be placed in the front part of the head, as separate from the other as possible. Completely rounded, regular in size and very dark in color. The eyelids will cover the white part of the eye when the animal looks to the front and they should not wink.
They should be placed on the upper part of the skull; meaning, that the front edge of each one -seen from the front- should get together with the skull line in the upper angle of this line, being pretty separated, high and as distant from the eyes as possible. They should be small and thin. The most appreciated ones are the so called "rose ears" that fold their lower rear edge to the inside, while the upper front one is folded upwards, backwards and outwards, showing part of the interior of the hearing conduct. The ears should not be straight or folded to the front and they should never be cut.
Big, wide and black with a well defined fold between every nasal pit. The distance between the lowest point of the stop, in the middle of the eyes, and the truffle should be very short and not to exceed the measure between the truffle and the lower lip. The truffles that are not black are undesirable and the ones with a natural color rule the animal out.
They are thick, wide, hanging and very deep, they have to hang to each side of the lower jaw, join the lower lip to the front and cover the teeth almost completely, that are slightly shown when the mouth is closed.
They are strong, very wide, rectangular, projecting the lower one a lot further than the upper one and turning upwards.
They should be strong with the canines well separated. The six small teeth that are on the front side next to the previously mentioned ones, should be placed on a line perfectly even.
Short, very thick, deep, strong and well arched on the back side.
Muscular, heavy, well separated and leaned outwards, giving balance and power.
Very wide, deep and compact.
It should be wide, with the full sides and the ribs convex and deep. It should be placed low between the arms and the shoulders in order to offer a wide aspect, low and short. The body should be picked up with the tight belly.
It has to be short and strong, very wide at the level of the shoulders and, in comparison, narrower on the back. It will descend a little behind the shoulders until it reaches its lowest part to rise later to the level of the shoulders in its higher point and then curved suddenly in the direction of the tail forming an arch (very typical feature on this breed).
They should be short, robust, straight and muscular, pretty separated from each other and with calves arched to the outside. Its bones should not be twisted, or feet excessively separated from each other.
They should be strong, muscular and longer than the front ones in order to make the back be in higher level than the cross. The hocks are low and kind of curved, which provides enough length to the part included between them and the back for the front paws to have notable strength. The lower part of the paw, short, straight and strong, should keep the second articulation slightly turned outwards and separated from the body. This is how the hocks get next to each other and the feet twist outwards.
Regular in size, firm and well placed on the floor. Thick toes, widely separated, with thick and short nails. The feet can be straight or slightly deviated to the outside. The rear ones will be clearly oriented to the outside.
It can be straight or twisted (never curled or twisted). It is born low and on a straight line and then it leans downwards. It length is medium, kind of short, and it presents a thick root and a thin extremity.
The hair should be short, straight, with a fine texture, soft and shiny. It should have no fringes or curls. The color must be uniform, pure of its shade and lustrous.
The skin should be soft and loose, especially on the head, neck and shoulders.
The weight shouldn't be under the 22 kg or over the 25 kg when talking about a dog a good shape, as for the length, it should be proportioned to the weight.

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