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English Pointer Dogs

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HEIGHT: 65 cm
WEIGHT: 20 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of English Pointers
Within the international cynegetic field, the pointer has grown to currently be one of the most popular breeds. Its ability to surpass other dogs originating from France, Spain and Italy confirms the great versatility of British breeders in brining about a perfected selection and the creation of a new and good quality breed.
The habitat suitable for the development of the pointer is characterized by the following; warm weather, far from cold or humidity.
It is an excellent companion as long as its owners take the time to take it out to exercise several times a week.
It needs plenty of exercise, even as a puppy it can spend a whole day running nonstop.
To keep its fine, short hard & shinny coat in the best conditions, it is recommended to brush it once a week with a hard bristle brush.
It is essentially a dog of great intelligence, shown in its especial way of hunting.
The pointer is doted with an excellent sense of smell, with distinctive signals; it is also a very quick and agile dog, it can gallop for hours without showing any exhaustion, it works with an almost three hundred degree radius around the hunter supporting the highest temperatures, it covers long distances at incredible speeds and it finishes off its tasks with spectacular skills.
It is docile and with plenty of goodness and loyalty towards its master.
It is nervous, happy, playful and an excellent companion; it is never hysterical or aggressive.
DESCRIPTION of English Pointer
The pointer is harmonious, well built all around. It has a look of strength and agility. Its general profile is full of elegant curves.
It is an aristocratic and active dog, which its combination makes a significant impression of strength, hardness and speed. Of good character, it shows a natural indifference.
The skull is of medium width, in relation to the length of the snout. The stop is well marked, the occipital protrusion is pronounced. The truffle and the area around the eyes is dark, but can be lighter in the case of lemon or white colored coats. The truffle is wide, soft and moist. The snout is somewhat concave. The zygomatic arch isn't prominent. Slight depression under the eyes. The lips are well developed and are flexible.
The same distance from the occipital and the truffle. Lively eyes, with a goodness look. The eyes are hazel or brown depending on the coat's color. They do not stick out o are deep set. With an always penetrating look.
The ear's skin is thin. Placed fairly high, next to the head; they are of medium length and are slightly pointy at the end.
Its jaws are strong and they articulate in a perfect scissor like bite, regular and complete; meaning, that the upper incisors cover the lowers with a close contact and are placed square from the jaw.
Long, muscular, slightly curved, with a good breadth at the root, without a double chin.
Long back, oblique and well inclined backwards. The chest has an exact width for a good breadth at the level of the sternum, which descends towards the elbows. The front extremities, from the elbow to the floor are straight and firm with a good skeleton. Its bones are oval; strong and visible tendons. The articulations of the carpals don't overpass the back of the extremity and comes out slightly on the inner side. The metacarpus are fairly long, strong and elastic. They are slightly inclined.
Well arched ribs, well developed towards the back part of the thorax, diminishing gradually towards the kidneys which are strong, muscular and slightly square, also being short. The hip bones are well spaced and prominent but do not surpass the level of the torso.
Very muscular. Well angled hindquarters. The leg and muscles are well developed. The hock is fairly down.
They are round; the toes are tight and slightly arched. With very good pads.
Of medium length, thick at the base, gradually thinning out towards the end. Well covered of dense hair and carried at the level of the back, without curling upward.
When the dog is moving, the tail must move from one side to the other.
It's a dog that covers lots of ground while running. The impulse is given by the hindquarters. The elbows mustn't turn inwards or outwards. In no case should it lift its front extremities like a hackney horse.
The hair is fine, short, hard and evenly spread out, perfectly smooth and very shinny.
The most common colors are lemon and white, orange and white, liver (brown) and white, and black and white. All uni-colored and tri-colored coats are equally correct.
The desired cross height in males is from 63 to 69 cm and in females 61 to 66 cm.

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