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English Setter Dog Breed

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HEIGHT: 60 cm
WEIGHT: 30 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the English Setter
If we consider all the breeds under the name Setter (coming from the verb settle meaning, set, pose, stop; this goes along with its character), which undoubtedly stands out in the oldest and most genuine of all: the English Setter.
The setters have long hair, are elegant, with a majestic pose and amazingly sweet character.
Although it is gifted with an extremely sociable temperament, it also has a character which must be understood.
The abilities of this breed, both as a hunter and merely as a show dog, have increased its popularity and acceptance with all dog lovers. Because of this, in the country of its origin two different types are accepted; one for hunting and the other as a show dog.
The firm is usually used when hunting partridge and also for water fowl since it's a good swimmer and unmatchable water retriever.
The setter is elegant and fast, it has a fine sense of smell, its search is almost as fast as the pointer and its resistance is impeccable.
The coat needs special care along with the ears.
The have a presentable and shinny coat, without being to meticulous, it is necessary to bathe the dog at least once a month and brush it periodically.
Their diet must be controlled specially for those that are used for hunting, because a scarce diet is bad for it, and so would over feeding it.
Medium sized dog, pure lines, with an elegant look and movement. Very active and affectionate, with a sharp sense for hunting.
Long, reasonably thing and a low well marked stop. The distance between the stop and the tip of the nose must be the same as the length of the skull from the occipital to the stop.
Black or brown, depending on the coat's color; wide nostrils. Moderately deep and fairly square snout. The maxillas are almost the same length.
Oval from ear to ear; well marked cranial box, with a clear occipital protrusion. Even dentures.
Bright eyes, smooth, intelligent and hazel colored the darker the better.
Medium length, inserted low and placed with folds over the cheek; the tip must be velvety and the upper part covered with thing silky hair.
Fairly long, muscular, thin slightly arched at the top and clearly marked at the head insertion; towards the shoulders it is wider and very muscular; without a double chin, with an elegant look.
Medium length. Low chest thorax, good depth and width between the scapulas; rounded and very open ribs, with a good depth between the spare ribs, equally open.
Inserted practically in the same line as the back, of medium length, not spiraled or fallen, with a slight scimitar curb, but without the inclination of bending upward. The locks of hair are long and shouldn't start at the base of the tail but a little lower down, growing in length till the middle, to gradually diminish towards the tip. The hair must be long, shinny, soft, silky, wavy, but never curly.
The English setter has a large diversity of hues, all over a white coat; the most known is the black splotched; there is also the orange & white, the lemon and white, although they aren't as common as the first one.
It can be black & white, lemon & white, brown & white, tri-color (black, white and tan); the dogs without large spots but with dots all over the body are the favorite ones.
The male height is from 65 to 70 cm and females from 61 to 65 cm. The weight varies between 27 to 30 kg for males and 25 to 28 for females.

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