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Dog Care & Dog Health Care

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It is important to consider when the appropriate moment to welcome a puppy in your house is; the most convenient thing to do is to pick it up during the day, so it will have some time to recognize its new home and environment for the dog's health care..
Even when it may sound absurd, dogs also feel and suffer, so it is not recommendable for the animal to feel overwhelmed when being the center of attention at home during the first days of adaptation to its new home.
If the transfer to its new home is done by car, it is probable and very normal for the puppy to throw up during the trip.
The best method for the animal to get used to this type of trips is to take it on short and periodical care trips.
When the puppy arrives at its new home, you have to show the dog the place you have prepared for it.
The place you should prepare for the puppy will consist on a bed and a water bowl permanently filled with clean water. We also recommend putting some newspapers around the dog for it to urinate during the night. Take the newspapers away in the morning so the dog's place will always be clean and dry.
You must know that it is inevitable for a young puppy to have the need to urinate during the night, so it is convenient to take the proper precautions.
Generally, short after the puppy arrives to its new house, the dog will gain confidence and will began playing, symptom that it is comfortable in its new home.
The best thing to do is wait for the dog to get used to the environment before taking it to the veterinary, unless you notice any symptom of sickness (impatience, diarrhea, vomits,), even in those cases, you have to define if it is the product of sadness the dog feels for being separated from the litter or the possible incubation of a disease.
If you notice any of the abovementioned health problems, it is convenient to check on the dog's temperature that should be around 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.
Don't disturb the animal during the period of adaptation to the new environment. You shouldn't scare it or shout at it since it can have effect its acclimatization negatively.
Don't hit the dog for something it has done wrong under any concept, just speak firmly. Keep the balance on its education: grumble at the dog when it does something wrong and reward it when it obeys your demands.
Watch your puppy, the same as well as small children are very curious and restless, so they inspect everything. This is why it is very easy for them to bite electrical cables, table legs, etc.
Puppies spend most of the day sleeping, therefore, when it is awake; try to make it spend its energy. Play with the puppy, make it enjoy the house.
The dog will develop a personality and a character according to the education and treatment it has received as a puppy. The dog will adapt to you better if you raise it in an environment of love and correct treatment.
The range of products existing on the market is very wide, from colognes to scarves; going to the absolutely necessary ones such as the collar, leash, food bowls and water, etc.
If you have a dog that is vulnerable to cold, you can warm it up with a jersey or a blanket, which will help your dog be protected during cold seasons.
There is a huge variety of bed shapes and sizes, you can choose the most appropriate one or the one you like the most.
There is a dog cage with a little window made of washable material that can be used as beds for small dogs, in this way the dog will get used to the cage and you will be able to use it as a carrier. There are also some special travel bags, with a see through side that lets the puppy see what is going on outside.
In general, healthier puppies are more playful and mischievous.
As we have previously said, sometimes you will find the dog chewing the chair, scratching the table or wall, etc.
In order to avoid this problem, buy your dog some toys the animal can chew and break, so it won't ruin your family's furniture, tennis shoes, magazines, etc...
You have to keep in mind that a dog, both puppy or adult, doesn't distinguishes between a new pair of shoes and an old one or between a remote control that works and one that doesn't, so we recommend you to avoid as much as possible giving this type of objects that may confuse the dog.
There are toys specifically for dogs and our most sincere recommendation is to use them in order to avoid future problems.
There are some toys that are presented on the shape of a shoe or a steak with a very similar color to the real one or even animal skins with vitamins included that will be beneficial for your dog.
When acquiring the necessary equipment, consider that the puppy will grow up and therefore, what you buy will only be worth during a short period of time.
You will have to foresee buying a collar and a bed, your dog will use both objects even as an adult. In the same way, if you buy combs, brushes or other utensils of long duration, we recommended to make sure they are of a very good quality.
If what you pretend is to ease the dog's mouth pain when teething, we suggest you to try with a good piece of hard bread.

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