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Dog Behavior - Problem & Training

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It is absolutely important to underline the importance that early experiences have in the life of all mammals and in the adaptation to its surrounding world.
In the first stage of life, when survival is well conceived in terms of food and shelter, the standards that remain with the animal until the end of its days because of their gratifying nature and limited number.
When a reaction we refer to as "fear" appears in the puppy around its seventh week of life, the animal loses a very high percentage of receptivity and it will again feel the appearance of an element known as "promise". From this moment on, new things it faces will make it feel threatened.
The level of misgiving of dogs that live in the city in a totally autonomous way is similar to the wolves. They avoid contact with humans and only visit places in which they can find food at the less frequented hours.
Taking your puppy in your arms, first in not very crowded areas and later on in the most noisy centers is an excellent way of teaching the dog that the truck, buses and cars are not threatening.
Besides that, it is recommended for the puppy to acquire the habit of traveling by car, visit big stores, know the places in which, by intensity and volume, the hearing and visual stimulus of the environment could scare it one day.
Instead of getting mad every time the animal tries to run away from something scary, it is convenient to get it use to the manifestations of the environment that the dog couldn't assimilate as a puppy little by little.
The master, who enjoys the slightest signs of improvement and face the areas of bigger resistance with caring insistence, will end up having a happy ending to any kind of therapy of this type.
If you are going to take your puppy out for a walk, it will better if you make it wear the collar and leash at home, before leaving. At first, it will be the puppy that will decide what way to take, but then it will be you who will have to impose yourself.
As it can not be afraid of so many people at the same time, the fear will go away and the sharpness of a polarized answer remits until it allows the puppy to walk with relative indifference.
If the puppy lies on the floor or stays in a corner, it is recommended to pull the leash sometimes, but not too strong, until the dog decides to go on with the walk.
The trick is to show the dog that you are more stubborn than it is.
If the puppy is untruthful with people, the ideal thing to do is to take it on walks in shopping centers in order to bloke its sensorial perception faculties.
When we talk about the street, we have to mention that irresponsibility some owners show when taking their dogs unleashed during walks, just for a personal comfort.
These not only cause disturbance on the people who walk with dogs, but also causes injuries and even death of many dogs and a good amount of dogs attack people.

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