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Teach Traing Dog to Give Objects

Some dogs steal objects and want to keep them as long as they see fit. These objects are more difficult to recuperate. The easiest solution is to show him the command "GIVE": 1. Take a rope, an old towel, or any other convenient object, and encourage your dog to steal the object. 2. As you maintain your grip on the object, tell the dog "GIVE" with an assertive tone. 3. At the beginning of the education process, use food as a reward to make things easier. Give the command, then offer him food. If the dog obeys, give him a treat. He will release the object to get to the food. 4. If the dog obeys, give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" and resume the game. Let the dog win a round or two to encourage him. However, do not let him win if you have given the command "GIVE". 5. If the dog refuses to give you the object, say "HEY!" with a assertive tone, as you give him the citronella spray. When he obeys, give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" With this exercise, you will never again have to run after your dog to recuperate a stolen object. "GIVE" can be combined with "GO FIND", or "STAY" at a distance, and "COME". The dog is exercising, and loves to go get his toy and return it to you. For more information concerning "FETCH", see chapter 5, entitled "Amazing your friends with a few tricks".
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