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Gordon Setter Dogs

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HEIGHT: 65 cm
WEIGHT: 25-30 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
The Gordon setter is originally from Scotland; they have developed a more introverted character than the other setters. Because of its appearance it is known as the most compact setter and very similar to the spaniel.
Born to gallop, its build is similar to a heavy breed horse able to carry great loads. It doesn't have the elegant profiles of an Irish setter or the slain body of an English setter, however the Gordon is a dog with class, harmonious and with a lot of physical strength.
With a daring character along with; sociable, friendly & calm. Through its dark, brilliant eyes can be seen its wit and intelligence of this breed, born to hunt in the most difficult areas, through which it crosses with great ease thanks to its thick paws that have particularly think padding.
Probably the tough weather of Scotland has conditioned the Gordon setter adding to its aptitudes as a guard dog, without ever being aggressive with its family.
Its actually a calm & reflexive natured breed, with the puppies being very playful and cheerful, and as they get older they change o a more reserved character and finally introverted.
The Gordon setter needs constant exercise along with warmth family care.
Since it acts in difficult areas, after every hunting party we should check its ears and pads to make sure they are ok and to keep them dry.
A lot of times, hunters wash their dog's feet with henna lotion or alcohol seven days before the hunt. This way they can easily move through the terrain avoiding any injuries.
Its total length is 4/10th of the height to its cross. The length of the snout is the same as its skull, and at the middle of the total length of the head there is a horizontal line that joins the two internal angles of he eyes. The joints of the skull and the snout are parallel. The head is voluptuous and not lean, must be in proportioned with the rest of the body and relatively heavy. There shouldn't be any creases or wrinkles on the skull and the skin should be well adhered to its head.
Must be large, fresh and humid, with large, well opened & moving nostrils, inline with the dorsal snout. Seen from the side, it is placed in the same vertical position of the lips. Pigmented black.
Large, with a sweet look; the border of the eyelids tends to be rounded; and are well adhered to the eyeball, which should protrude, be sunk in or in sub-frontal position: the color of the iris is dark brown, while the edges of the eyelids should be the same as the nose, black.
They hang, soft to the touch, triangular with a slightly rounded tip; they are flattened against its cheeks and are at the same level as the eyes. In the normal position and with the head horizontally, its length is 3 cm past the throats upper line. The skin on the outer ear is covered with silky hair, which is longer than 2 cm than the actual ear.
Thin, without double chin, muscular, with a well defined placement on the nape; it harmoniously joins the shoulders. Its length reaches 4/10th of the cross height (on a dog that is 60 cm to the cross, the length of the neck should be 24 cm); its perimeter is 2/3rd of the cross height. Upper arched profile. Lower profile devoid of loose skin, the skin is very well adhered to the muscles.
Its length, from the point of the shoulder or arm (shoulder blade articulation) to the tip of the buttocks, is equal to the cross height (the dog fits in a square). The upper line of the trunk has a straight profile (back) and another slightly arched (loin).
The lower line roughly follows the upper one; therefore, it presents an almost perfectly straight profile throughout the sternum area (which is, therefore, long & slightly convex); behind the appendix, the profile lifts slightly.
Given the inclination of the hindquarters, the tail is placed high; thick and robust at the root, diminishing in thickness towards the tip. Its length should be the same as front extremity to the elbow, or a little more. It is normally horizontal, and it should almost be rectilinear in its full length; however, a sickle shaped tail is also allowed. It also has a triangular tuft that begins two or three centimeters from the root.
Its length is from 5 to 6 cm; with a silky texture, slightly curly; with abundant locks, not dense; the hair is long on the body and on the side of the face; forming locks on the upper extremities, the sternum area, the throat and the tail. On the other hand, it is short and fine, on the sides of the extremities. The feet, in between the toes have abundant hair. Under hair is only abundant in winter.
Deep black, but shinny, with a bluish tint with mahogany spots in specific places. These spots must be uniformly in color without splotches; and are distributed in the following way: clear spots on the side of the snout; with a no larger diameter of 2 cm; no higher than the base of the nose; on the throat; two wide spots on the chest; on the interior extremities, almost to the inside of the elbow; (the inner side of the thigh it can reach the external edge of the metatarsus; the tuft of the metatarsus must be black); on the feet, around the anus. A small white spot on the chest is accepted.
Thin, well adhered to all the parts of the body; must not form a double chin or wrinkles on the skull. The nostrils must be visible and be black, along with the nails and pads.
The cross height on a males should be 66 cm & on females 62cm. The weight of males is approximately 29 kg & 25 kg for females; this info must be checked for show dogs.

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