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Dog Hepatitis

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This is an infectious disease of high distribution. There is no way it can be transmitted to the humans. It is transmitted by the natural way, meaning, by the secretion of digestive tract, defecation and saliva. In its most advanced phase, it is also transmitted through urine since the virus is located in the kidneys. The dogs can get the disease throughout their whole life.
The symptoms appear with high fever, around 40 and 41 degrees Celsius.
The dogs that overcome this disease suffer from relapses for the rest of their life, causing the ocular lesions such as iridocilitis; along with an ocular opacity that will disappear are a few days.
Treatment is done with antibiotics of wide spectrum with a medical prescription.
An important point in this sense is not to confuse what you provide your dog with the way you provide it.
A good diet consists in providing your dog a balanced and nutritive diet in the correct quantities.
The effects of an adequate diet are a normal reproduction, shining hair, normal growing, etc.
Knowing how to feed your dog well is something you should learn, as well as you would do with yourself.
One example of this is the numerous cases of obese dogs. Curiously, obese dogs usually have obese masters.
You can pay attention to the labels of food products. They indicate the ingredients that have been used and the ages for which they were thought. The food for an adult dog is obviously different from the one aimed for a puppy.
Manufacturers spend a lot of money to determine the best food for our dogs.
The use of homemade food accompanied, in general, by large quantities of supplements does nothing but damage the dog's health.
Each dog should be fed thinking in its specific needs.
The necessary quantities of food to cover the dog's vital needs, or better said, to maintain a good health depends on the weight of the dog.
We can clearly see this in the following comparison: the Chihuahua has an approximate weight of 1 or 2 kilograms when full grown. However, the Saint Bernard has an adult weight that goes from 75 to 100 kilograms.
However, the veterinary will be the one who judges your dog's feeding.
Not all dogs have the same activity; the wear out of a home dog such as a shepherd is not the same as the activity of a hunting or race dog. Even dogs of the same genetic origin, similar activity and environment can have different ways of using food.
This can be the case of thin and obese dogs within the same breeder, even if they were from the same litter.
Dogs should be fed based on the individual needs of each one and their physical condition.
Now we give you some advice on the correct feeding of your dog in each of its growing stages.
The female should receive the same food during pregnancy, but now she must have all the food she wants available.
During this period of higher consumption for the mother, you have to provide her with two meals a day
If you provide the mother with dry food, it may be necessary to give it wet during breast-feeding. The female dog will eat wet product than when you give her the same dry product.
It is not necessary to provide vitamin supplements or other nutrients when the diet is complete and balanced, unless the veterinarian recommends it.
Another reason to provide moist dry food is that when the puppies are three to four weeks old, they will normally begin licking solid food.
Homemade dishes, milk, cereals, etc should be avoided. Puppies of small breeds can begin eating solid wet food, even when it will have to be crumbled.
Getting the dogs used to a commercial diet will avoid delicate eaters and will also avoid the stress of the weaning on the puppies as well as on their mother.
Before weaning, the consumption of food, apart from milk, is very varied because it will depend on the size of the dog, the breed and the milk production of the mother.
The following quantities can be taken as average:
15 grams of dry substance per kilogram of weight of the puppy between four and five weeks of age and some 35 grams of dry substance among the fifth week of age and weaning.

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