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No Bark Dog Collar


  1. This device is not a toy. Keep it away from the reach of children.
  2. The device must be filled while resting on a flat surface. Never fill it while the dog is wearing it.
  3. Never fill the device with any other substance than the one provided by the manufacturer. Using any other substance, as well as opening the device, will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  4. If your Spray Commander is broken, do not attempt to repair it yourself. This may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty and could make repairing more difficult. If the device doesn't work, please call our customer service department at 786.866.9922
  5. Do not expose the Spray Commander device, remote control and aerosol can to freezing temperatures or to conditions warmer than 45OC. Be particularly careful not to leave the device and the aerosol can in direct sunlight, either by a window or in a car on a summer day, etc.
  6. Never submerge your Spray Commander device in water. It may be splash-resistant but it is not waterproof. To clean the device, use a damp cloth with non-abrasive detergent and dry with care.
  7. For extended battery life, always turn off the device after each use.
  8. Make sure the device is always ready to function, should the dog display undesirable behavior. We recommend that you verify the device every day to make sure it has the proper supply of spray.
  9. Put the collar around the dog's neck at least 20 minutes before the training session begins so that the dog doesn't associate wearing the spray collar with the exercises.
  10. When not in use, keep the device clean and in a safe place, away from children.
The spray collar device is activated by radio signals sent by the Spray Commander remote control. The strength of the signal may be affected by environmental conditions, topological features and electromagnetic interference. This being a radio frequency device, battery consumption can be elevated. No need to program - The Spray Commander device and remote control are now pre-gram to help make it easier for you and your pet! -
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