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Mexican Hairless Dog

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HEIGHT: 45 - 60 cm
WEIGHT: 12 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of Mexican Hairless Dog
Also called Mexican naked dog, or xoloitzcuintle, it has been in America accompanying the Indians well before the European colonization.
This is a quiet dog, cheerful & calm, yet alert and behaving like a good companion.
The almost complete absence of hair on its whole body requires special care of its skin, especially when it spends a lot of time out in the sun. Another thing to bear in mind is that due to its lack of hair its body is unprotected being prone to lots of cuts and scrapes.
Quiet & calm dog, happy, alert & intelligent, distrustful with strangers, good guardian & excellent companion.
DESCRIPTION of the Mexican Hairless Dog
It's a very attractive dog. Its main characteristic is its almost complete absence of hair, with very smooth and soft skin. Its body is well proportioned, with a wide chest and ribcage, long extremities and tail. Its build is similar to that of a Manchester Terrier.
Lupine skull; seen from behind it is wide and strong yet elegant; it diminished in width towards the snout, occipital crest barely marked.
This must be very dark in dark dogs; pink or brown in bronze or blonde and spotted in spotted dogs.
When seen from the side it is straight, with very strong maxilla and jaw. The lips are tight and adherent, the cheeks slightly developed.
The incisors must close perfectly in a scissor-like bite; possible deviations of the maxillas are considered very serious faults. The absence of molars and premolars isn't penalized.
They are medium sized, with an almond shape, and an alert and very intelligent look; the color varies depending on the color of their skin, in shades of black, brown, hazel, amber or yellow. Its preferable when they are dark and of the same color.
The eyelids are black, brown or grey. Pink or light colors are also allowed, although not the most appropriate.
Long, big expressive and very elegant ears; of delicate texture, similar to bat ears. Always up and in an alert manner; in this position their axle should have 50 to 80 degrees in relation to the horizontal line. Dogs with cut or fallen ears are not accepted.
Upper profile: carried high. Length: proportionately long. Shape: thin, flexible, well muscled, slightly arched and very elegant. The skin on the neck is firm, elastic and adhered, without double chin. Puppies have wrinkles which leave as they grow up.
Strongly built.
Rectilinear; the upper part of the back looks perfectly straight; dogs with a worn or arched back aren't desired or short members.
Strong and muscular.
Its upper side is slightly convex; its inclination forming an approximate angle of 40 degrees; having a solid formation, muscular and slightly round.
Seen from the side it is long and deep, reaching the elbow; the ribs are slightly arched, never flat. When seen from the from the fore-chest is very broad; keel of the sternum isn't evident.
The upper profile is elegantly marked, starting from the lower part of the chest and finishing at the end of the belly, where it is very muscular & perfectly tucked.
Long, thin and complete with a few hairs; low placed continuing to the hocks and thinning out until the point; in action it is carried lifted lively in a curved shape, never curled over the back. When resting it hangs in a slight hook. Sometimes it goes is towards the stomach being a sign of shyness.
Seen from the front they are straight and well aplomb, proportioned to the body and of good length. The extremities are flat and muscular, allowing a long step, free and elegant. With firm elbows and close to the thorax, never outwards.
Seen from behind they are perfectly straight and parallel, wide thighs and well muscled, never together. The coxal-femur, femur-tibia-kneecap & tibia-tarsus articulations are wide; indispensable to allow a free and powerful movement of the extremities. Joined hocks are not acceptable.
Medium long feet (hare feet) with tight toes and compact; and have some stringy hair; the nails are short black on the dark dogs and light in bronze or blonde ones. The pads are strong and very resistant to ay terrain. The inter-toed membranes are well developed; spurs must be amputated off all the members.
Must move elegantly, with a long and flexible step; fast trot, with the head & tail always up.
Due to the almost complete lack of hair, the skin of this breed needs lots of care; it is smooth, sensitive to the touch, and hot; as a result of direct heat emission in difference with dogs that have hair, where the heat is dispersed in the natural way; which is why the skin needs a lot of care, not having natural protection, if exposed to the sun of bad weather conditions. Accidental scars are not penalized. The dog usually sweats through the feet, so it barely pants.
What characterizes this breed is the absence of hair, although it might have a few short dense hairs on the forehead and back of the neck, it should never be as long as the Chinese Crested dog or the tai-tai. It is normal to find rough hair on the feet and at the end of the tail; however the absence isn't penalized. Solid dark colors are preferred. The shades vary from black, dark grey, chalk grey, reddish, liver, bronze or blonde; there are also spotted, including white spots.
There are three sizes for males and females:
A) Standard variety: 45 to 58 cm, up to 60 cm are accepted. Any taller is disqualified
B) Miniature variety: 35 cm maximum.
C) Medium variety: 35 to 45 cm.

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