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Picking up or Stealing objects by Dogs

The dog picks up slippers. The dog steals food. The dog picks up the remote control for your television set. The dog picks up everything in his path. Many dogs have a tendency to pick up everything that happens to be in their path, whether it is edible, or not. Many dogs will "steal" slippers, clothes, food, whatever. Some of them steal objects to destroy them, to bury them, or to obtain attention. From papers to the remote control, the dog wants you to react. If you catch the dog in the act, give him the long spray right away. Moreover, as soon as you see him sniffing an undesirable object, you must act by giving him the VW "HEY!" + SHORT SPRAY immediately, followed by a command. 1. Place your dog in situations where he is likely to steal objects, either by placing a steak or chicken on your kitchen table, or by leaving your shoes, or any other object, that your dog could steal. Patiently observe your dog. 2. When your dog goes towards the food or the desired object, give him the VW "HEY!" + SHORT SPRAY immediately with an assertive tone. 3. Immediately redirect your dog with a toy or with a basic command such as "SIT / STAY", then congratulate him with the SR "SOUND + GOOD!"; if he obeys the command, let him wander freely, and keep your eyes open so that he doesn't return to the same place. 4 Two minutes later if the dog hasn't relapsed congratulate him with the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", but withhold the treat. 5. If the dog behaves, praise your dog when he has shown you that he understands that the object on the table is not for him. 6. After 5 minutes of success reward him. 7. Practice the exercise when your dog thinks you're absent, using the long spray without saying "HEY!", so the dog understands that even if you are not in sight, his tendency to steal will be corrected. The idea is that one never allows a dog to end your command without your having given him the "O.K. / GOOD! / COME" sequence. When you accustom your dog to not asking for food, and by rewarding him whenever he co-operates, the dog will realize that the only way to obtain food is to remain calmly in place. This behavior is particularly welcome when you have guests over for supper. Dogs that wander freely inside or outside are likely to forage in the garbage. Dogs are programmed to go through the garbage, and they don't always discriminate between what is edible, and what isn't, like plastic, wood, rocks, cardboard - all substances that we throw out that can really make a dog sick, or worse still, cost him his life. * Place a garbage bag filled with paper and chicken (irresistible for a dog), and wait until he goes to get it. * Every time the dog approaches the bag, give him the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY" with an assertive tone. If the dog remains immobile for more than five minutes, give him the "SOUND + GOOD!", and reward him. * Do this exercise many times a day, in various places, with different garbage cans and soon, the dog will never again go through the garbage. * Recommendation: practice the exercise from a distance without using the verbal command. This will inhibit the dog going through the garbage when you're not there.
This technique applies to any object you don't want the dog to touch. Frequent education sessions will clear up the problem. Note : The Spray Barrier® device can be used when you are not there to watch the dog. If the dog steals while you're gone for long periods of time, place the barrier wherever the thefts are being committed. The device in question can be installed at the exact place where the dog is most likely to steal. The receiver on the collar will be automatically activated at the moment the dog approaches the emitter. The system can be activated whenever you are not at home.
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