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Train Dog to Stay in Place. Assign Place for the Dog.

When the dog shows that he can stay in place, you can now assign him specific areas within the house. Here is how one goes about assigning a "PLACE" to a dog : 1. Take an old sleeping bag or blanket, and put it at a pre-determined spot for the "place". The territory of the "place" must be visually easy to identify. 2. Give the command "PLACE", and bring your dog on the sleeping bag. Tell the dog "DOWN" by using only the down gesture. When the dog lies down, congratulate him by giving him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!". Repeat the exercise frequently, until he goes to his place himself when you give him the command to do so. 3. Gradually increase the time the dog must "STAY" before giving him the release cue "O.K.". If you insist that the dog never leave his place before having heard the release cue, the command "PLACE" will most certainly impress your guests. Your home can easily count many "places", each situated in a strategic place.
"The changes you want to make in your dog's behavior are sequential. In order to realize them, the dog needs to link many interrelated acts in order to execute the precise actions required. It is possible to break this linkage by giving your dog "out of context" information, that is, which has no relation with the situation in which he finds himself. This situation, which always startles the dog because he doesn't recognize it, is called a "disruptive stimulus". It momentarily interrupts the behavior, so the dog can be aware of what is going on around him. It is at that moment that the dog becomes "available" and can be oriented towards another activity or basic command that he didn't want to do before. The surprise element brought on by the device can be attributed to a combination of many types of stimulation that monopolize all of the animal's senses. The hypo-allergenic spray affects the senses of touch, sight, hearing and smell. Repeating the sessions will allow you to obtain quick results. As your dog understands the meaning of the hypo-allergenic spray, you can use it to make him understand that the action done within the sequence is not the correct one. If you train your dog this way, he will associate that "spray" means "incorrect". Within a short time, your dog will reorient himself towards the proper behavior."
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