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Poodle Puppy Dog Breed Information

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HEIGHT: Depends on the type.
WEIGHT: Depends on the type.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 15 - 17 years.
DESCRIPTION of Poodle Puppy Dog Breed
When we talk about an animal as the Poodle, we have to forget about the prejudices. Sometimes, people say that it is nervous and barks too much, some of them say that the gray and the apricot are the more nervous than the brown or the black; especially the middle sized ones that are quieter.
None of these observations have any scientific base. It is not that the Poodle has no defects, but it is easier to blame them on the ascendance of the dog, regardless of its size and its coat, than the own animal.
The education provided to a dog has an influence on its behavior.
All Poodles have a common characteristic: an unexpected strength, proportional to its size, of course, so it's recommended not to leave a big Poodle or a toy one untied.
Even the smallest ball of hair can be uncomfortable if it gets the custom of jumping unexpectedly from the lap of a person to the knees of another just to show its vitality.
Trainers usually observe that the animals of this breed usually like to nibble, or bite softly, just for pleasure, a mania than may provoke some smiles at first, but that will soon turn into a real bother. Therefore, it is necessary that the young Poodle to be prohibited to behave like that.
Its loyalty is without a doubt the quality that the owners of these dogs mention the most. This animals life is closely related to its master and it even tends to absorb them too much, which is the reason it loves to follow its master everywhere, sitting at the same time than them, observing them with attention and even comforting them if necessary.
This dog is harmonious with a characteristic of curly hair, twisted or wired; it has the aspect of an intelligent animal, constantly awake, active and giving an impression of elegance and kindness.
The Poodle has a jumping and light movement; it should never have a loose and elongated step. Its fidelity has no comparison; it has aptitudes to learn and be trained; it is a very nice company dog.
CHARACTERISTICS of Poodle Puppy Dog Breed
Straight and proportionate to the body. The relation between the length of the head and the height to the cross is a little bit more than 2/5. The head is not heavy or massive; it is not too fine either. The shape should be seen under the skin that covers it.
Well developed, in a vertical profile line; the nasal pits are open, black on black animals, white and gray; brown on the brown animals and colored in the whole dark brown range reaching to black on the apricot ones.
The skull seen from behind, appears oval on the longitudinal sense and slightly convex from the side, the forehead line is wide between the eyes and diminishes to the occipital.
With an ardent expression, placed at the level of the stop and slightly oblique; the line of the eyelids give them an almond shape; the eyes are black or brown, very dark towards black, white, gray and apricot Poodles and they can be amber on brown ones.
Pretty long, they fall along the cheeks; rounded on the edges, they are covered with curly long hair; the Poodle whose ear doesn't reach the edge of the lips could not get "excellent" qualifications.
Solid, slightly arched behind the nape of the neck, with a middle length, well proportioned, the head raised high with no double chin.
The cross is moderately developed, with oblique and muscular shoulders; the length of the humerus corresponds to the length of the shoulder blade. The front paws are perfectly straight and parallel, elegant, muscular and with good bones. The feet are kind of small, firm, with a short oval; the toes are clearly arched, compact, palmed, they rest on thick hard pads; the nails are black and gray on black animals, black or brown on the brown ones and colored on the range that goes from the horn color to black. On white animals, the white nails represent a defect; on the apricot ones the nails should be colored with ranges of dark brown reaching black.
Muscular and robust thighs; the rear paws are parallel when seen from behind; developed and apparent thighs. The rear feet are like the one on the front members.
The proportions are good; the length of the body is slightly over the height to the cross. The chest is descended to the level of the elbow; the perimeter of the thorax, measured behind the shoulders, should have at least 10 cm more than the height to the cross.
With a harmonious line, short; the height from the floor to the cross is very similar to the one from the floor to the hindquarters.
Placed pretty high, at the level of the back line; it should be shortened 1/3 of half its natural length on the curled Poodles; in any case, the long tail is not a defect; on wired Poodles, it can be kept as long as it is; the tail must be raised when in movement.
Curled hair Poodle
Abundant hair, with a fine texture, woody, very curled, elastic and resistant to hand pressure; it should be thick, tift, with a uniform length, forming even and generally combed curls; the hard hair to the touch is not desirable.
Wired hair Poodle
Abundant hair, with a fine texture, woody and tight, forming well defined wires and with the same length (they should be at least 20 cm long).
Curled or wired hair Poodle:
Black, white, brown, gray and apricot; the brown one should be complete, pretty dark, uniform and warm; the graduation on the brown should not get to the beige or its lightest derivates.
The coat shouldn't be dark brown; the ray should be uniform; the graduations of the grays shouldn't reach white or black; the apricot should have an even color without derivations to beige, cream, red or mahogany either, or reach the brown or its derivatives.
The cares for this breed have a lot to do with the aesthetic, counting with a lot of alternatives for grooming.
"Lyon like" grooming:
Either if the dog has curled or wired hair, the haircut of the Poodle will go from the rear quarter to the ribs. You should also cut: the hair on the snout from the lower eyelids on; the cheeks and the front and rear paws, except for the wrists or bracelets and some optional motive on the rear quarters; the tail, except a little pom-pom at the end; the mustache is recommended in all of the types; the "pants" are admitted to be kept; it means; the hair on the front members.
"Modern" grooming:
The conservation of hair is admitted in the four members is the following rules are respected:
The lower part of the front members will be thin out from the nails to the tip of the hock; the lower part of the rear member to an equivalent height; the head and the tail according to the previously described rules; the presence of a short hair that is not over 1 cm of thickness will be exceptionally admitted under the lower jaw; the "goat" beard is not admitted.
The hair of the body will be cut to present over the back line to reflect more or less long of at least 1 cm. the length of the hair increases.
The hair of the head as well as the one on the neck and the "pants" member should be equal; the rear "pants" should show the typical angle of the Poodle.
"English" grooming:
It supposes to add to the "lion like" grooming motives on the rear quarters and a pom-pom on the head. In this grooming the mustache is optional.
It is flexible, firm, colored; the black, brown, gray and apricot Poodles should have pigmentation according to the color of the coat. On the white animals, silver skin is very appreciated.
Giant Poodles: over 45 cm and up 58 cm.
Middle size Poodle: from 35 to 45 cm.
Small size Poodle: from 25 to 28 cm.
Miniature Poodle (toy): under 28 cm. The ideal height is 25 cm. You should avoid any trace of dwarf .

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