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Potty train a Dog. Prevent & Stop Dog Soiling.

The Dog has to do his business, and get there without assistance. He will ask you to let him out of his cage, or the room where he is kept to go outside. At that point, the dog can be given access to the house without supervision. Give him more and more freedom, and keep an eye on him. Check regularly to see if he dog is ready to defecate. If he tries to relieve himself in the house, you will be all set to correct the behavior; if he lets you know that he wants to go outside, you can congratulate him. He is now clean, and you can now let him wander in the house, with no supervision, for longer and longer periods of time. After a few weeks of education, put your dog to the test by taking him out of his cage after the meal without taking him outside. This will give you the opportunity to correct him should he attempt to defecate in the house, or to congratulate him if he asks for the door. Check with the person who sold you your dog to find out at what time he is fed, and where he is accustomed to defecate. At the beginning, keep the same hours, and gradually change the schedule to accommodate yourself. It is recommended to give your dog a reward when he does his business at the designated spot. Reward him before going into the house, so that he doesn't think the reward is for going into the house. Give him a treat right after his defecation to reinforce his good behavior, and to allow the "POOP" command to sink in. Give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", and give him a reward. In order to avoid a mess, take the dog out more often at the beginning of the education process. Take him out when you get up in the morning, after breakfast, at noon and after the meal, at night before and after supper, and before going to bed. Every time he defecates, reward him. Once the dog has been educated, you can decrease the frequency of outings to at least three a day. All you have to do is establish a fixed schedule, and respect it. Meal times and defecation times must be fixed, and you must keep to those hours. Defecation rhythms vary from one dog to another Intervals can be of thirty minutes after the meal to as long as six hours later. If you are familiar with your dog's rhythm, you will not have any nasty surprises. Do not forget that the same schedule applies to the weekend as well. The importance of a cage in education for soiling If you don't want to use a cage, you can simply watch the dog after meals, but keep an eagle eye on him. The cage can : * Prevent the dog from being afraid; it also helps to eliminate many bad habits such as sleeping on the bed, defecating on the carpet, resting on the sofa, etc. * Be used as refuge for the dog throughout his life; it is therefore important to purchase one of suitable size. The program can be done without a cage, but you must pay extra attention to your dog after meals. A viable solution would be to build one, reserving a restricted area in the house that the dog must keep clean. Using a cage reduces the possibility of something unfortunate happening. Most dogs will keep their sleeping area clean, but not all of them. Simply take your dog outside before he cannot contain himself anymore. Note: If the dog eliminates when you thought that he was clean, and that he had free access to the house when left alone, withdraw the privilege and start the education over again with the cage for two or three days.
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