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Puli Dog Breed AKA Hungarian Sheedog

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HEIGHT: 40 cm
WEIGHT: 15 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
The Puli is the most known Hungarian sheepdog.
The hair hangs in a long stringy way that almost reaches the floor in grown dogs; these must be separated by hand one by one to be brushed and cared for regularly. Cleanliness is essential.
Lively, agile, intelligent dog; not too demanding and of medium size. It has a solid organism, dry but very muscular. In accomplishes its tasks as a sheepdog, as a guardian and even some of the larger samples pass police tests with flying colors.
This dog almost doesn't need special care, but its great need for exercise and activity must be met.
The head is small and thin, seen from the front it looks round and from the side it has an elliptic shape.
It is round. The length of the snout is smaller than the skull, made up of 33% of the head. The supraciliar arches are pronounced and so is the stop. The nasal step is rectilinear; the noose round.
Relatively big and black. The lips and the edge of the eyebrows are also black. The same as the jaw.
They are irregular and robust. The incisors close like scissors; the lower canines are slightly more forwards than the upper ones; the rest of teeth cover each other completely. The lips are fairly tight.
They are placed at medium height, fallen; they aren't raised even when alert; they are shaped like a wide V with a rounded tip.
They are rectilinear; light brown, with a lively and intelligent look.
Set at a 45 degree angle. Of medium length and muscular, isn't very visible due to the dense hair. A neck that is too marked is considered a defect.
The cross height is slightly longer than the back. The back bone is firm and forms an arch that falls slightly. The back is of medium length; the lumbar area is short, with well arched ribs.
It's rather short and slightly fallen. The thoracic cage isn't very thick, but deep and long. The front extremities are firmly placed in the front part of the thorax. The lowest point of the inferior profile is part of the thoracic cage.
It is moderately tucked. A wide pelvis is preferred, especially in females.
The number of vertebras on the tail is 18 to 20; its tail is not very visible since its hairs mixed with the hindquarters can barely be noticeable.
The shoulder blade is well joined to the thoracic cage. Forming a right angle with the front legs. Them being of medium length and muscular, and are parallel with the body's longitudinal axel.
Must be too close or too far from the body. The leg forms with the foreleg a 120 to 130 degree angle.
It's vertical, long and straight, with compact muscles. The metacarpus is well formed being short and compact.
Forms a 45 degree angle. With wide feet, round and firm; well developed, compact and grey nails; hard and elastic pads. The position of the members is regular and with medium separation.
The thighs and muscles are long, strong and muscular. The pelvis and femur for a right angle; the femur and tibia a 100 to 110 degree angle. A more open degree gives the back members a convergent position, and if the angle is closer it will give them a divergent position. Hock and the parts of the back extremities dry. Like the carpals, the tarsus forms a similar slightly smaller angle with the horizontal one; making the feet longer.
They are strong, compact and grey shaded. The pads are hard and elastic. The separation of the back extremities is slight more than the front ones.
The skin is grey colored, evenly pigmented, in all the colors. The mucous membranes are visible, the truffle, lips and the boarder of the eyelids are black. The palate is an even black or it has small spots on a dark background. The tongue is deep red. The color of the nails and pads is black or grey. On the chest a small white spot is tolerated no bigger than 5 cm diameter and small white hairs between the toes.
The coat is made up of coarse hair and a dense undercoat. The proportion of both types of hair determines the coat's quality. A lot of coarse hair and little undercoat give it a debulking coat; too much undercoat hair and too little coarse hair, they mix and cause a too thick felting. The correct proportions give the undercoat an appropriate thickness. The shape of the coat are made up of uniformed hair but slightly curly. In this way, the curls don't entwine too much but form long strings. The longest hair is (8 to 18 cm) on the hindquarters, the lumbar region and the thighs. The shortest is on the head and feet; on some dogs it almost reaches the floor. After birth, a sickness or as a cause of malnutrition, the layer on the front part of the body, the belly, thorax and front extremities can fall out partially or completely; the original coat of such a dog will be very difficult to judge. The combed hair to stand on end isn't recommended or the lack of care. The most common colors are jet black, reddish black, grayish and also white.
It doesn't have an elongated step. With a short gallop, syncopated, although very fast, hard tasked and characteristic.
On males the preferred cross height is of 40 to 44 cm; as a minimum 37 to 39 cm is admitted and 45 to 47 as a maximum. On females, 37 to 41 cm, an acceptable height is 34 to 36 as minimum and 42 to 44 as maximum.
Males should weight 13 to 15 kg and females 10 to 13.

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