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Pumi Dog Breed Information

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HEIGHT: 40 cm
WEIGHT: 8 - 13 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
It is a committed dog, which is why it used to protect and steer pork herds and cattle.
Its character is very restless, sharp and daring, which is why it was used to steer large animals.
The Pumi is a lively, cheerful and fairly noisy dog, loyal to its owner and good as a sheepdog and guardian. Can be very aggressive with strangers. Must be groomed with a brush.
The Pumi is of restless nature and very vivacious, it is lively even to be daring.
It has a very good sense of smell which is why it is used for hunting vermin and rodents. It is a barking and rowdy breed, so it is very used in the tasks of a guardian of properties, although it also adapts well to a homely life.
Considering that even today the Pumi is still used by Hungarian shepherds shows its usefulness, both at the main tasks of shepherding along with other less common activities such as rodent exterminators.
The great agility, in spite of its size, allows it to hunt rodents with the same skills with which many terriers and even mudis use.
Its size doesn't limit it from being an excellent guardian, scaring off possible burglars and wild animals from the fold with the help of its deep bark.
The Pumi is a dynamic dog; agile and active, qualities it not only used to steer herd perfectly but also when guarding them. It always shows great vitality, in the way it steers and stored the herd and it's this swiftness of movement that is allowed by its reduced size. These very appreciated qualities in its original Hungarian place of birth still haven't passed to other countries.
It is a medium sized dog, vigorous with characteristics very similar to terriers. Its head in elongated, with a more developed nasal area; the ears are upright and cut at the distal; the tail is carried high; with a square trunk; the coat, of medium length, is never entangled; the eyes are nasal step are very perceptible. They come in a variety of colored, but never striped.
The shape of the head is characterized by the proportions of the snout. The skull is round and not very thin. The forehead a bit round, long and with barely developed supraciliar arches. Barely visible stop; straight nasal stem, elongated nose and pointy. It presents a regular scissor like bite, with strong developed teeth, lips well adhered to the teeth.
The truffle and lips are black or gray, with dark hues; dark palate, and the tongue is bright red.
Placed in an oblique way, dark brown in color, with well adhered eyelids.
Highly placed, straight, with hanging ends, medium sized, with the shaped of an inverted V. Moves them in a lively fashion.
The neck is placed high, forming a 50 to 55 degree angle, it is moderately long, slight arched and muscular.
Due to its square figure, the Pumi appear to have long extremities. The scapulas are placed in a steep, the front legs are short, the shoulder articulations meet up with the fore-chest surface. The extremities are straight, vertical and moderately distanced. Straight and vertical metacarpus. Compact feet, elastic pads very hard nails.
It has a long and prominent cross. The dorsal line goes down gradually towards the back. The proportions between the back and the loin are short and thin. The ribs are flatter than round, tucked in belly, short hindquarters, slightly fallen, moderately wide. Flat fore-chest, of medium width, deep and long thorax.
High placed, curled over the back. A cut tail or a short inherent tail is accepted.
The extremities are backwards. Short tarsus. Straight metatarsus. Round and compact feet, elastic pads, dark nails. Spurs are nor desirable.
The Pumi is very active, it moves fast, with a short step and agile when galloping.
Its skin is gray, strongly shaded. The entire body is covered of semi-long coat in locks. The coat is made up of an undercoat and with outer hair that doesn't harden on any part of the body. The hair a shorter on the snout and extremities; the hair around the ears is semi-long, dense, bristle and remain stiff. In the rest of the body they should be shorter and rougher or longer forming locks. Its coat should never be similar to that of a puli, but it shouldn't be smooth either. In some occasion the coat on the thorax, fore-chest and back extremities is shorter, the same with the hindquarters and front extremities. The coat's color varies: the most common are dove gray, silver gray or chalk gray; there is also black, light gray, white & reddish brown. Spots are penalized.
The ideal cross height is 33 to 44 cm. The weight varies between 8 and 13 kg.

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