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Pyrenees Mastiff Dog

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HEIGHT: 75 cm
WEIGHT: 80 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
The Pyrenees mastiff is a large dog, traditionally used as a herd guard for the Aragon's migrating system.
This is the only native breed of that Spanish region.
It relates very well with other dogs, since it is conscience of its power. If the need arises it is a skillful fighter, after centuries of behavior having to fight off wolves. Its bark is low & deep, and has an alert expression.
With an affectionate, tame and noble character, exceptionally intelligent, at the same time brave and fierce with strangers.
Cattle guard against vermin, and guards ranches and people.
The mastiff from Pyrenees mustn't be locked in, since it needs abundant space to live and specially to exercise. If trained with obediently it is docile and submitted.
Of easy hygiene and simple to keep.
With a raised build. Well proportioned, extremely strong and muscular. Compact skeleton. Despite its large size it shouldn't be clumsy.
Large, strong & moderately long. Cranial-facial lines some what diverging or parallel. The skull and the face when seen as a whole from above must be elongated and uniformed, without a thickness difference between the base and the temples. Seen from the side, it must be deep. Slight front-nasal depression, but defined. With a wide and strong skull and a convex profile. The width of the brain is he same or slightly more to the length. Seen from the top the head is somewhat triangular, wide at its base and it diminishes uniformly towards the truffle, without it being pointy. With a straight profile.
The upper lip fully covers the lower one, but not hanging loosely. The lower lip forms a marked lip line. They should be black.
They're white, strong and healthy. With big, long, sharp fangs, well crossed for the prey. Very large and powerful molars. Relatively small incisors. Scissor like bite. All premolars are present.
Small, almond shaped, hazel or dark colored. With an alert, noble, charming and intelligent look; black colored eyelids, preferably adhered to the eyeball socket when the animal is alert. It is normal for a faint relaxation of the lower lid. Allowing part of the conjunctiva to be seen when the dog is resting.
Medium and fallen, triangular shaped. Straight. Placed above the eye line. When resting, down and next to the cheeks. When alert, visibly separated from the face and the upper third part partially lifted. They shouldn't be pointy.
Conical, wide, strong, muscular and flexible. Thick skin and somewhat loose. Well defined double chin, but not very big.
Rectangular, very strong and robust, showing great strength but flexible and agile. Straight upper line, horizontal even in movement. The cross is well marked. Powerful & muscular torso. The chest is wide, deep, muscular and powerful. The point of the sternum marked. The ribs are round and with large side gaps, not flat. Long, broad and strong back, it thins out as it gets to the flank. Its hindquarters are wide and strong. Its inclination is around 45 degrees in relation with its dorsal-lumbar and the floor. The height to the cross is the same as to the hindquarters. Its belly is slightly retracted; the flanks are leveled and its sides are large.
Medium placed. Strong, flexible and full of long soft hair, forming a nice plume. When at rest the tail more than reaches the hock. When the dog is in movement or excited, it lifts the tail like a sable, with a noticeable curl at the tip, but it will never complete coil, or lean on its back.
Its extremities are always perfectly aplomb. Their straight and parallel when see from the front; with the muscles and tendons evident. Slanted very strong back. Longer than the foreleg. Very strong legs. Strong elbows close to the thoracic cage. Vigorous forearm skeleton, straight and powerful. Its length is triple than its long bone. Carpus and metacarpus, seen from the side, a little inclined, practically being the continuation of the foreleg. Cat feet, with tight fingers, strong, tall and well rounded phalanxes. Robust and hard nails and tuber. Moderate intertwined toe membrane with hair.
Powerful and muscular. Side angled. Aplomb, seen from the front and side. Muscular and strong thigh. Long, powerful and strong boned leg. Well marked back of the knee, with a clear view of the tendon, without deviations. Cat feet, slightly oval. A little longer in the forelegs. With or without presence of spurs, which can be single or double, where amputation is permitted. Double spurs are more preferred.
Their preferred walk is a trot, that should be harmonious, powerful & elegant, without moving sideways.
Elastic, thick and pinkish, with darker coloring. With all the mucous membranes black.
With dense, thick and moderately long hair. The medium ideal length over the middle of the lumber-torso is of 6 to 9 cm, being longer on the back, neck lower belly and behind its legs, besides the tail, where its texture isn't bristly like the rest of the body. The hair should be bristly not stringy.
Basically white and always with a well defined face mask. Eventually they have spots the same color of the face mask around the body, in an uneven pattern and well defined. The ears are always splotched. Tricolor or complete white are undesirable. Cape and extremities always white. The face mask is clearly defined as well as the spots.
The root of the hair should be as light as possible, ideally white. The preferred colors in order of preference are; pure or snow white with grey spots, intense golden-yellow, black, silver grey, light beige, sandy and marbled. Undesired colors are reddish, or yellowish-white on the back.
Males measure around 77 cm and females 72 cm. There is no maximum limit for their size, but well proportioned is always highly valued, along with a higher build. Around 81 cm on males and 75 cm on females.

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