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Rottweiler Dog Information

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HEIGHT: 65 cm
WEIGHT: 45 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the Rottweiler Dog
It is a general understanding that the Rottweiler originated from Germany, but that is not entirely true. Although the breed is of German breeding, its origin goes back all the way to the Roman Empire.
The Rottweiler of today has a lot of physical characteristics with its ancient Roman ancestors, although these were smaller in size. Its progenitors were the guardians of legions that were used to steer and guard cattle.
Its good humor is outstanding, it is also patient, very attached to its master, obedient and courageous.
Its instinctive needs of movement and activities are of medium level.
Its reactions are harsh, intrepid and calm when it comes to negative influences.
Controls its emotions well, a little distrustful and with a medium level of aggressiveness, which makes it react calmly. However, when it senses a threat, its self-defense acts quickly due to its aggressive and extremely developed protective instinct.
Can stand pain perfectly. Its faithful to its owner and home, guarding them constantly.
When the threat ceases its aggressiveness vanishes and it goes back to its peaceful character.
It loves water and children. It is absolutely not a hunting dog, but a work dog.
DESCRIPTION of Rottweiler Dog
The general aspect of the Rottweiler is that of a solid body dog, black with tan spots clearly defined. With a very muscular body being a little larger than medium. It isn't light or heavy, tall or thin. Its stature shows strength, flexibility and resistance. Its appearance gives it an original sturdiness. Its behavior inspires security: it isn't nervous, but very brave. Its calm look portrays natural goodness. In spite of the fact that it has a general imposing aspect it doesn't lake a sort of nobility. It is a faithful guardian of its master and their properties.
Of medium length, wide skull between the ears. The occipital must be well developed. The same length from the truffle to the eye's internal angle as from the eye to the occipital bone. The mustn't have any wrinkles, it must be smooth, however it can present some folds when the dog is alert.
Robust, of medium size and very muscular. It forms a slightly arched dorsal line. It doesn't have a double chin or loose skin on the throat.
It is straight, wide at its base. The truffle is well formed, black, and wider than round.
Almond shaped, with well adjusted eyelids. The iris is of a uniform color going from medium colored brown to dark, the darkest being the preferred shade. When it comes to the eyes, yellow eyes are the worst defects (bird like), along with different colors, unequal in dimensions or shape, or the eyelids have no hair.
Hanging, proportionately small, triangular shaped. Well placed on the skull giving it a wider look when it is alert. The ears finish approximately half way down the cheek. In the right way the border of the ear will lean against it.
Strong and with a complete set of teeth. Having 42 teeth. The upper and lower incisors close like a scissor, the top closing in on the inside of the bottom. If the upper part of the jaw is protruding or if the lower jaw is inward in excess or lacking four or more teeth; will lead to disqualification.
Stretchy everywhere. Small creases and wrinkles are possible when the dog is makes an extreme effort being alert, but no creases is preferred.
The upper line is firm and horizontal going in a straight line from the cross to the hindquarters. Deep fore-chest, reaching the elbow. Spacious chest, with a pronounced back part. Well arched ribs. Short, deep and well muscled flanks. The hindquarters are of medium length, wide and slightly downward.
The tail is short and robust. It is cut a few days after birth with one or two vertebrae present. Normally kept in a horizontal position, looking like a continuation of the trunk's upper line. It is raised slightly when the dog is excited. Some dogs are born without a tail or with a very short stub. What is true is that a Rottweiler with a tail is weird. Actually its structure is more important than its length.
Long and well formed shoulders. The flue is well attached to the trunk. Forearms are well developed and muscular. Flexible and robust metacarpus. Round, close and convex feet. Bottom of the foot is hard, short, black and strong nails. Seen from the front extremities are straight and parallel, the side view must also be straight. The inclination of the scapulas is approximately a 45 degree angle, and the angle formed between the scapula and the flue is 115 degrees.
Medium length, big and muscular thighs. Long and robust leg and also muscular finishing off at the hock with a strong articulation (good angle). The back feet are slightly longer than the front ones, but equally closed and convex with a big first toe, but no spurs. Seen from the side the back extremities are straight. At rest the articulation of the knees and the hock form an obtuse angle. The inclination of the iliac bone is approximately around 20 & 30 degrees.
Outer hard hair and thin undercoat. The hair is long strong and compact: the undercoat shouldn't pass up the hard hair. The hair can be longer at the top of the front extremities. Black with well marked tan spots.
Black with well marked brown spots on the cheeks, snout, base of the neck, chest, feet, along with the eyes and under the root of the tail. The number and position of the spots is very important and shouldn't be more than 10% of the whole body. Any complete color that isn't black or a complete absence of spots is enough to disqualify.
The Rottweiler likes trotting. At this pace it gives a look of strength and resistance. The torso is closed and relatively mobile. Its movements are harmonious, sure of itself, strong and with a long step.
Males measure 60 to 68 cm and females from 53 to 55 cm and their weight is about 50 kg.

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