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Dog Running Away

How to stop Dog from running away ?

The running away dog issue must be addressed. As in the case of destruction, a dog that runs away is not necessarily disobedient. He does not act this way to defy your authority. It could very well be that the dog runs away because he is afraid of somebody or something, or that he is just plain anxious. Where these dogs are concerned, the fear must be identified and eliminated. The dog, without necessarily running away, could develop behavior patterns in reaction to these fears, such as barking and wailing, even destruction. No matter why the dog runs away, it is imperative that you not scold him when he returns home. Nothing will be solved in this way, and catching the dog will become more difficult. In order to obtain a precise diagnosis, you must discover why the dog runs away

Procedure to counter chasing 1. When the dog begins to pursue and that you cannot get his attention, give him the VW "HEY!" + SHORT SPRAY. If the dog does not stop, switch to the long spray. 2. Once you have gotten the dog's attention with the device, redirect him with a basic command, while waiting for him to leave his territory once more. 3. If he returns to your side, congratulate him by giving him the "SOUND and GOOD", but withhold the treat. Whenever the dog shows his predatory instincts, it is strongly recommended that you use the command "NAME + COME" + SHORT SPRAY. If recall doesn't work, give the command "NAME + STAY". 4. Each time the dog shows signs of wanting to use his predatory instincts, the behavior must be redirected towards the "COME / STAY" combination of commands. 5. If you interrupted his pursuit with the long spray, nothing more needs to be said or done. Remain neutral, as there is a risk of reinforcing the very behavior you wish to avoid. 6. After the dog has remained 5 minutes without using his predatory instincts, you can practice certain obedience exercises before congratulating him ("SOUND + GOOD!") and giving him a reward. 7. Practice the exercise when your dog thinks that you are absent. Set your dog free and hide. Make sure that the offending stimulus is well within the dog's sight. As soon as the run runs towards the target, trigger the long spray (without using the VW).
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