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Saint Bernard Dog Information

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HEIGHT: 70 cm
WEIGHT: 70 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 17 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the Saint Bernard Dogs
Without a doubt, the Saint Bernard is one of the most known breed, but in and out of the canine world.
Its fame has down through the ages, praises for its daily tasks as a rescue dog for people lost in the snow, especially in the Alps, where it comes from.
It is possible that most stories heard about this impressive dog are legends, and on the other hand, it is normal that undoubtedly the job on the Saint Bernard encourage tales of mythical manner.
The Saint Bernard needs plenty of space exercise and abundant meals.
It also needs careful cleaning, with especial attention to the mouth and eyes.
This dog is very easy to train and live with.
It sweet and noble character is noticed at first sight. It is hard working, faithful and calm.
Males in particular show great courage when it comes to defending what they consider theirs, in spite of its size it attacks with amazing agility.
Because of its instinctive disposition to defense, the Saint Bernard doesn't need an exhausting training and will comply with the trainer's demands although he'll have to be patient since it often stubborn to commands.
Has an important kin sense of smell. Which is why it must be pointed out that the Saint Bernard sometimes acts spontaneously; like if it genetically inherits the instincts of finding buried people in the snow.
There are to known types of Saint Bernard: the long and short hair. The first being more popular, and the second, on the other hand is more useful and efficient in their rescue tasks, since it resists cold weather better, because it has short hair, it isn't cover with ice easily.
DESCRIPTION of the Saint Bernard Dogs
The typical appearance of a Saint Bernard is that of a powerful figure, with great vigor and powerful muscles, of a proportionate height, large head and intelligent expression in its look; the dogs with a dark face mask have somewhat more of a serious face, but never badly intended.
Strong & wide. Seen from the front and side the top part of the skull is slightly convex. On the sides it has a slight curvature, with high cheeks and strongly developed.
The frontal bone falls with a sharp slop towards the snout. The occipital protrusion must be slightly marked. The over-orbital arches are strongly developed. From the root of the snout, to the frontal crease it follows along the middle towards the forehead and the upper side of the head, gradually blending into the occipital. The skin on the forehead forms folds over the eyes, which converge in a central crease.
Short, uniformly wide. Straight nasal stem with a slight crease in the middle. The length of the snout must be less than its depth (measured from its root).
Of medium size, they can be from dark brown to hazel; moderately deep set. Kind look. The borders of the eyelids are closes as much as possible and dark. It is desirable to be a complete natural close. It is admissible to have a fold in the lower eyelid with a little conjunctive visible and a small fold in the upper one.
Medium sized, placed high and wide. Well base. Soft lobes, that are triangular shaped with a round tip. The back border is slightly separated from the head, while the front one is close to the cheeks.
Strong, the double chin on the heck and throat is well developed.
The members must be straight a parallel.
Wide, closed with robust and very arched toes.
The back extremities are moderately angles and muscular. Seen from behind they must be parallel and not very together.
Wide closed and with robust and very arched toes. Spurs are allowed as long as they don't interfere with its movement.
Moderately deep thoracic cage with well arched ribs. The chest shouldn't reach bellow the elbows.
Harmonious, long steps. Thrust from the hind limbs. The front and back legs must step in a straight line when walking.
The outer layer is dense, smooth and close to the body. Thick undercoat. The thighs have not very noticeable bangs.
Over layer with medium length smooth hair. Over the hip and the hindquarters, the hair can be somewhat curly. The thigh with abundant bangs and the front extremities have fringes. Face and ears with short hair. The tail has abundant dense hair.
The basic color is white with reddish-brown spots which vary is size (spotted dogs); also a continuous reddish-brown coat over the back and flanks (coated dog). This same dog with white splotches also has the same value.
The reddish-brown stripes and yellowish-brown is also accepted. Dark brown on the head is much appreciated. Small black strokes on the body are tolerable.
They stand out on the chest, feet, the tip of the tail, nasal stem, forehead and neck; must be white. A white collar and a symmetrically dark face mask are desirable.
The minimum height for males is 70 cm; for females, 65 cm. The maximum for males is 90 cm; for females 80 cm. The weight varies between 55 and 80 kg.

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