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Siberian Husky Dog Breed Information

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HEIGHT: 55 cm
WEIGHT: 25 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years
Breed CHARACTERISTICS of the Siberian Husky Dog
The Husky canine breed was developed by the Chukchi tribe, in the extreme Asian northeast.
It is specially kind and friendly, but at the same time aware and curious. Doesn't show the possessive traits of a guard dog and isn't excessively distrustful with strangers, or aggressive with other dogs.
The adults can present a sort of dignity and reserve. Its intelligence, meekness and availability make it a kind companion and a generous worker.
Its coat needs moderate care, which increases during its shedding.
Its good naturedness makes training easy and even more its nature to being clean and organized.
It needs plenty of daily exercise and a not too warm climate.
DESCRIPTION of siberian husky dogs
The Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog, with an agile and elegant look. Its body is moderately compact and has abundant hair, with straight ears and the tail shaped like a brush.
Medium size skull and proportionate to the body. Slightly round at the highest point, it goes thinning out gradually from the widest point to the eyes.
Of medium length. The distance between the tip of the truffle and the stop is equal from the stop to the occipital. The stop is well defined and the stop's nasal stem to the tip of the nose is straight. The snout is of medium width and it prolongs until the ruffle, the tip not being pointy or square. Well pigmented lips, that join perfectly, the teeth have contact in a scissor like snout.
Medium size, triangular shaped, placed close together and on top the head. Thick, full of hair, slightly arched in the back part, upright with the tips somewhat rounded.
Almond shaped, moderately separate and placed somewhat obliquely. Lively, curious and friendly look; sometimes even mischievous. They can be brown, blue and part colored.
Black on gray dogs, very dark brown or black ones; liver on copper shaded dogs (red, copper and brown); they can be meat colored if the dogs are completely white. The rose kind is also permitted "snow nose".
Medium length neck; arched and carried proudly upright when the dog is still. When trotting the neck stretches and the head inclines itself forward.
The scapula is inclined backwards and approximately forming a 45 degree angle from the floor. The foreleg slightly forms an angle backwards from the tip of the shoulder to the elbow; it is never perpendicular to the floor. The muscles and tendons that join the shoulders to the thoracic box are solid and developed.
The back is straight and solid, with the backbone, from the cross to the hindquarters, horizontal. It's of medium length, not too short or fallen because of excessive length. The kidney is tight and dry; it is narrower than the thoracic box, slightly backwards. The hindquarters diminishes towards the backbone (it is slightly inclined compared to the backbone), but it never falls too much limiting the impulse of the hind legs. From the side, the length of the body from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttocks is slightly more than the cross height.
Deep and strong but not too wide. The lowest point must be behind the elbow. The ribs protrude well rounded from the backbone, but the flatten out on the sides allowing it to move freely.
When the dog is still and seen from the front, its legs are moderately separate, parallel and straight, with the elbows close to the body not turning inward or outward. Seen from the side the metacarpus are slightly inclined, with a strong yet flexible metacarpus articulation. The skeleton is strong but should never be bulky. The length of the leg, from the elbow to the floor is a bit longer than from the elbow to the highest point of the cross. The spurs of the front legs can be amputated.
When still and seen from the back, the back legs are moderately separate and parallel. The thighs are muscular and strong, the knees are well angled, the hock's articulation is well defined and low. The spurs, if present must be removed.
Oval shaped but not elongated. Of medium size, compact and with plenty of hair between the toes and pads. The pads are strong and thick.
Similar to the tail of a fox and full of hair, implanted just under the dorsal line and, and when the dog is alert, t normally carries it in an interesting way shaped like a sickle. When it carries it high, the tail doesn't curb to the sides, nor should it lay flat on its back. A fallen tail or trailing is normal when the dog is working or resting. The tail's hair is of medium length and approximately the same length on the top, bottom and sides, giving the round-brush look.
The characteristic movement is regular and carried out without any apparent effort. It is agile and light footed. Looking at it from the front in movement it doesn't form the single track, but as it gains speed its feet lean inward and its feet lineup under the body's longitudinal axle. When the tracks join in a single line, the back and front legs go forwards the elbows and knees remain straight, without turning inward or outward. Each back foot lands in the print of the corresponding front one.
Double and of medium length, similar to a fur coat, but never too long that it hides the dog's visible profile. The undercoat is soft and dense and of enough length to keep the protective hair. The outer protective hair is smooth and moderately fallen, never pointy of spiky outwards.
The absence of hair while shedding in normal.
All colors are admitted, from full black to white. It is normal to find different face masks, including different shapes which aren't found in other breeds.
Males measure from 53 to 60 cm to the cross and females, from 50 to 56. The weight of males goes from 20 to 28 kg and females from 15 to 23.

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