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How to Train a Dog :

Train the "SIT" AND "STAY" Commands

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The commands "sit" and "stay" are very useful to control a dog during its outdoor activities, begin by training the dog in a quiet place of your house and limit each session to 15 minutes.
How to Train well the Dog: Once the dog learnt to always obey your verbal orders, you can use simple hand signs.
1. With the dog at your left, hold the retractable leash with the same high at the level of your waistline and a treat in your right hand.
2. Keeping the tension on the leash, give a step forward with your right food. Give the dog the order "stay" when you go forward.
3. Holding the visual contact with the dog, move your left food and pace it next to the right one.
4. Making a slight tension with the leash and keeping it over the dog's head, turn its head back. Hold its attention by holding the food reward high, over its head.
5. Reward the dog for remaining quiet. Now walk slowly around the dog holding the leash over its head. Give as few orders as possible so you won't confuse the dog.
6. After several sessions, the dog will sit and will remain quit while it is on the leash. Now unfasten the leash and repeat the previous five steps, congratulating the dog when it does it well.
7. When the dog sits obediently and remains quiet off the leash, give it a prize. It is important to give it to the dog when it is doing as you say, not when it has already moved.
8. Once you have rewarded the dog, let it free from the training session by approaching the animal with open arms and saying "good" or "ok".
You are teaching a completely new language to the dog, so don't expect it to understand your order immediately, give it time.
If the dog doesn't sit and remain quiet waiting for a possible food reward, grab it by the collar with the left hand and bend its paws with the right one.

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