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Spanish Galgo Dog Breeds

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HEIGHT: 60 - 70 cm.
WEIGHT: 15 - 20 kg.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years.
CHARACTERISTICS of Spanish Galgo Dog Breeds
The spanish word for dog is "Perro" and without a doubt it has great speed. In the last couple of years it has been bred with the greyhound, maybe the fasted dog known, to increase it performance.
Very resistant animal made to preserve the hunting difficulties. Its specialty is catching hares. But is also a great watcher, with good qualities as a guard dog.
Its silhouette marks its athletic body & its long and strong extremities, which allow it to reach speeds of over 48 km/h.
Calm partner, friendly & affectionate which is very attached to its master, being a bit reserved, since its shy by nature and distrustful with strangers, which is why it's important for it to start socializing from very young. Although it is obedient it shows its character, which is why it needs strict training.
It's a natural athlete, so its owner must be able to offer it space to run and exercise daily. This makes it not always recommended as a pet; actually, its not suitable for owners that wont spend time for its needs.
DESCRIPTION of the Spanish Galgo Dog Breed
Medium weight dog, sub-convex, sub-elongated & dolichocephalous, with a compact skeleton, long and narrow head, broad thorax, very retracted abdomen. In determined occasions very serious, when hunting it shows great energy & liveliness.
In proportion with the body, long, lean, & compact, its profile is long and uniform; divergent craniofacial joints; soft stop, slightly accentuated; not very wide cranium & convex profile, wider than long; central crease marked in the first two thirds; front chest & armpit crest slightly marked.
Small, moist and slightly black.
Prone to having strong, white and healthy teeth, with scissor like bite. Its must have all the premolars & the canines must be fully developed. Thin lips, the upper lip barely covers the lower one, without presenting a market corner of the mouth, being thin, tight and of a dark color.
Small, obliquely, almond shaped and, preferably of a dark or almond color. Its gaze is calm, sweet & reserved. Thin skinned eyelids, rimmed with a dark color & very adhered to its eyeball.
Wide at their base, triangle and meaty in the second half, narrow and thin at the tip, which is round and placed high. When the dog is alert, they are semi-lifted with the tips hanging to the sides; when the dog is at rest, they are kept close to the head forming the shape of a rose. Stretching them slightly they should almost reach the lips.
Long, oval sectioned, flat, lean, strong & flexible; its narrow at the head and it widens progressively towards the neck. The upper profile is a bit concave and the lower one is almost straight, with a slight convexity in the middle.
Perfect composure, thin, straight & parallel. Shoulders, short & leaning; the shoulder blade should be a little shorter than the flue. Long very muscular arms, with free elbows but next to the body. Very long forearms, with a well defined skeleton, the tendons marked and parallel. With the ankles slightly bent, thin and short. Hare-like feet, with the toes tight and high, with a moderate membrane between the toes, strong and long phalanxes; with hard and developed pads.
Slightly rectangular, strong and flexible. Upper profile: slightly concave at the thorax; somewhat convex in the lumber region, but without interruptions or oscillations while in movement. Cross: simply marked. Back: straight, long & well defined. Chest: Strong although not very broad, high, but not reaching the elbows and very deep, reaching the last ribs; marked external steering; flat ribs with broadside spaces, in a way that the ribs must be well marked and apparent. The thorax circumference is slightly over the cross.
Hindquarters: long and strong with a slight 40 degree inclination. Abdomen: sharply tucked in starting from the sternum, typically elongated; short flanks, being quite developed.
Strong, with long and developed muscles. Thighs: very strong, long (they make up of the hind members), muscled & tense; seen from behind, the muscle must b marked, its long, flat and strong; the femur most be as perpendicular possible with the horizontal floor. Legs: very long, with a market and thin skeleton, muscular in superior area and thinner in the lower part, with the veins and tendons showing.
Strong at its base, placed at low, with a diameter that diminishes slowly until a very fine tip; flexible and very long. When resting it remains fallen in the shape of a sickle, with a hook at the end, leaning towards one of its sides. One of the most typical characteristics of this breed is keeping the tail low between its legs, with a final curl that almost touches the ground.
Dense, very fine, short & straight, spread out throughout the body even interdigital. It's a little longer on the upper thighs. In the variety of hard hair & semi-long, the hair is rougher and lengthier, this can vary but it must be spread out throughout the body uniformly; this variety can have beards, mustaches, eyebrows & a toupee.
Undetermined; the most common and preferable is, more or less dark well pigmented baritone & tabby, and black.
Its natural walk is normally to gallop. Its trop must be long, with its members even with the ground, elastic & powerful, without any lateral or amble tendency.
The height to the cross is between 62 to 70 cm on males and 60 to 68 on females. A 2 cm margin is tolerable on excellent proportionate samples.

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