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Spanish Mastiff Dogs

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HEIGHT: 77 cm
WEIGHT: 70 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the Spanish Mastiff
They are of noble character, good presence & are very sure of themselves. Its one of the many Iberian breeds, being perhaps one of the most symbolic ones.
Like anyone that knows its own strength, the Mastiff knows how to control and use it when there is a need. It is kind, possessive and a good guard.
By nature it is a working dog, and its tasks it uses its deep bark to keep things in order.
His character must be controlled with strangers, especially when wanting to subdue its possessive defensive instinct. They need constant training, including long walks & daily exercise. Its hygiene isn't particularly difficult or problematic, but its hair and feet must be looked after.
With a big head, and with medium length hair around its body. Affectionate, docile and noble, it is a very alert dog with vermin and strangers, specially when guarding cattle or farms.
Its bark is hoarse, grave & deep, very intense, can be heard at a good distance.
This is a very intelligent dog, not lacking beauty. Its expression shows both qualities.
Excessively shy, cowardly or unbalanced dogs of this breed should not be bred.
This breed is ultimately linked to seasonal migration of livestock, especially used with bovine herds, which it has accompanied since the Mesta times, defending it from the wolf and other predators throughout its journey and pasture fields in different areas and seasons. At present it accompanies both migrating and still herds performing its ancestral duty. It is also used as a guard and protection for farms, people and property in general.
DESCRIPTION of a Spanish Mastiff
Big, strong pyramidal trunk, with a broad base. The proportion between the length of the skull and the face is 6 to 4. The skull-face group, seen from the top should be square, uniform and without a clear decrease between the base of the head and the temples. Slightly divergent cranial-facial lines. The skull is wide, strong with a sub-convex profile. The width of the skull is the same or larger than the length. Marked occipital crest. The front-nasal depression is slightly visible. Seen from the top, the face looks moderately square slowly diminishing towards the truffle, but keeping contentiously wide; never pointy. The upper lip covers the lower one completely; the lower lip mucous membranes are very loose. The mucous membranes must be black.
White, strong & healthy. Big, sharp well formed fangs. Strong and powerful molars. The incisors are rather small. With a scissor like bite, having all the premolars.
Small compared to the skull, almond shaped, preferably dark, noble, sweet and intelligent, very sever with a stranger. The eyelids are thick skinned and black. The lower eyelid allows the conjunctiva to be seen.
Medium and fallen, triangular shaped and flat. Placed over the eye line. When resting, down and over the cheeks, without them being too close to the skull. When alert, separated from the face and partially lifted in the upper third. They shouldn't be cut.
Conical-trunk, thick, strong, muscular and flexible. Thick and loose skin. With a well developed double chin.
Rectangular, strong and robust, showing great strength, but agile and flexible. The cross is well marked. The torso is powerful and strong. The ribs are well separated and rounded, not flat. The relation between the thoracic perimeter and the cross height is 1/3rd. Long, broad & strong back. It stretches as it reaches the flanks. Its hindquarters are wide and strong. With a 45 degree inclination in relation to the torso-lumbar line and the floor. The height to the hindquarters is the same as to the cross. The torso-lumbar line is straight and horizontal even in movement. The chest is wide, deep muscular and powerful. The tip of the sternum is marked. The belly slightly lifted; the flanks fallen and very broad sides.
The base is very thick and medium placed. Strong, flexible and full of hair, which is longer than the one on the rest of the body. When resting it is down, clearly reaching the back of the knee, sometimes bent in the final fourth. When the animal is moving or excited, it raises it like a sable, with a curl at the end, but never bent completely, nor resting on its back.
They a perfectly aplomb; straight and parallel when seen from the front. The length of the foreleg should be triple to that of the long bone. With strong bones and metacarpals. The inclined back very muscular and longer than the foreleg. The long bone seen from the front is slightly inclined, almost being a continuation of the foreleg. It has very strong bones. Cat like feet. Tight toes. Strong, high and well curved phalanxes. Nails and tubers robust and hard. The inner toed membrane is moderate and with hair.
Powerful and muscular. Seen from the front and side well aplomb, the back of the knee without any deviations. They must be able to impulse the dog with ease, strength and elegance. The thighs are strong and muscular. The legs are long muscular and with strong bones. The back of the knees are well marked by the tendons. With or without presence of spurs, which can be single or double, where amputation is permitted.
Elastic, thick, abundant and pinkish colored, with darker pigmentation. With all the mucous membranes black.
Dense, thick, almost long, straight, dispersed throughout the whole body, including between the toes. Two types of hair are differentiated: one that covers the torso and another that covers the ribs and sides. Shorter on the members and longer on the tail.
Undetermined. Uniformed colors are preferred: yellow, fulvous, red and black, fawn and dun. Along with the combination of: tabby and striped.
There are no maximum limit in size, what is more valued (as long as they're proportioned) are the ones with greatest stature. The least height for males it 77 cm and 72 cm for females.

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