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Spanish Water Dog

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HEIGHT: 50 cm
WEIGHT: 14 - 22 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY from puppy to end: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the Spanish Water Dogs
There are many hypotheses on the origin of the Spanish water dog; one of which that it descends directly from an ancient water dog from the Iberian Peninsula, even to say that this breed is the origin of all the water dogs in Europe.
This dog is full of virtues; especially outstanding is its natural happiness.
This dog is always ready to play, with a very good memory making it for training.
In the south of Spain, in Andalucia and Extramadura, it works efficiently as a shepherd dog with ovine, caprine, bovine, pigs and equine herds.
It is a true show seeing them manage a herd of 500 goats, hearing the different tones in its bark to have a stray animal return to the flock or enter the fold.
Its curly hair always must be cut or occasionally sheared. If it is born with a tail, it's usually cut. It needs strict yet loving training.
They also accompanied fishermen. They primarily helped when launching out the nets, placing signaling floaters next to other boats, or recovering a belay when it untied from a buoy, even diving to retrieve it.
On ships, after throwing the mooring rope to the water, these dogs would dive after it picking it up in their mouth and swimming to lad. Sometimes submerging several meters to retrieve any object or fish. Its movement in the water is amazing, where it moves with the same ease as on land, not being afraid to dive in and bring back whatever their told.
On the other hand, it is also used in hunting, especially for rabbit hunting, going through thickets when looking for game and stopping when told by its master.
Faithful, obedient, cheerful, hardworking, brave and well balanced. With a great ability to learn due to its extraordinary understanding. Adaptable to any situation and temperature.
DESCRIPTION of a Spanish Water Dog
Rustic dog, medium built, dolichocephalic, harmoniously shaped, of lengthy proportions, nice appearance, athletic build and well muscled due to the constant exercise it does; rectilinear profile; well developed sight, smell and hearing.
Strong, of elegant size. The relation between the length of the skull and the face is of 1.5/1. Flat skull, with a not very marked occipital crest. Slight and not very noticed front-nasal depression. The face profile is sub convex with a tendency to seem rectilinear. Truffle with well defined nostrils.
Colored the same or darker than the darkest part of its coat. The upper and lower lips form a well marked commissure. Well formed white teeth; developed fangs.
Slightly oblique, with a very expressive look, the iris goes from hazel to light brown, it is desirable a hue according to its coat color.
Triangular & down, medium placed.
Short and muscular, with a perfect connection to the trunk, without a double chin.
Robust, arched ribs, with a bicoastal diameter of great breathing capacity. Not very marked cross. Strong chest, tucked belly, loin well grouped to the hindquarters, which are slightly inclined.
The extremities are outward and aplomb. Muscular back and with perfect fit to the thorax. Sturdy shoulders and elbows, strong legs. Forelegs, metacarpus and carpals are strong boned with powerful tendons. Rounded feet and very close together toes. The nails have different shades.
Aplomb members, with acceptable back angulations, not excessively distinct, and tendons that are able to impulse the dog quickly when running and permitting easy and elegant jumps. The legs have marked muscles and tendons. Compact metatarsus. The back feet are the same as the front ones.
Medium placed. Puppies are born with or without it, in such a case it should be amputated between the second and fourth vertebrae.
Its usual pace is trotting, although it develops a broad spectacular variety of races, jumps, twists and turns, showing its inexhaustible energy.
Flexible, thin, well adhered to the body and can be brown, black or a faded shade, according to the darkest tone of the coat, the same as all the mucous membranes.
Always curly and stringy. Wavy when its short; forming ringlets when its long. For beauty contests the length of hair is limited to 12 cm (15 cm when the curls are stretched) and a minimum of 3 cm to appreciate the curls.
All mono-colored shades are allowed (white, black and brown in their different hues) and uniformed bicolor, white always been present. Tri-colored or tan are not admitted.
The cross height is between 44 & 50 cm in males and 40 & 46 in females. The is a maximum leniency of 2 cm (on both genders) as long as it is well proportioned. The weight of males is 18 to 22 kg and on females 14 to 18 kg.

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