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How to Train a Dog :

Tto STAND" when dogs are seated

1.Give the dog the trainning command "NAME +STAND" by doing the following gesture: move the lure upward (as if you were raising your hand to ask a question) towards the dog's snout, As the dog gets up, lower the lure, as you shake it, so that the dog looks at the ground. (If the dog looks up, he will sit once standing). Don't lower the lure too close to the ground, because the dog could lie down again. 2. In order to train well and reinforce the "STAND" position, give the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", as you pet and reward him (if he has correctly responded to the command). 3. If the dog has trouble getting up when seated, take a quick step backwards, as you hold the lure at nose level (not to high, because the dog could sit, and not too low, because he could lie down), all the while shaking it; clap your hands, as you try to incite the dog to stand. Another technique involves placing your hand under the dog's stomach to help him stand. If the dog rapidly stands, give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!"
"STAND" when the dog is lying down 1. Give the command "NAME +STAND", as you make the appropriate gesture. Move the lure upward (as if you were raising your hand to ask a question) towards the dog's snout. If the dog doesn't react, take a step back and tap the lure on the ground; this will capture the dog's attention. 2. If he responds by standing up nice and straight, praise him by giving him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", and reward him. 3. If the dog cannot do it, you must help him. With your right hand, near the collar, under his neck, gently pull the dog forward, as your left hand, palm down, is placed right under, near the genitals. Synchronize your hand movements with the command.
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