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Tip on How to Train a Dog to


"STAY" is an extension of the basic commands "SIT", "DOWN", and "RECALL". The dog becomes reliable when he can execute ten consecutive series of commands impeccably, like the one mentioned above. Then, you add "STAY". At one point, you call your dog and you make him "SIT". He must now "STAY" in this position. The command can be very useful when you have to leave the premises for a few minutes, or you meet some people on the sidewalk and you want to talk to them. The dog must understand that he must stay in the required position and stay there, until you free him from the command by giving the release cue "O.K.". Do this with a leash if you are beginning and you want to work outside.
Stage 1: Introducing the command "STAY" 1. Call your dog and make him sit. Give the command "STAY", and at the same time, use the hand gesture which consists in placing your hand in front of his snout. 2. Postpone the reward for a few seconds, and take a few steps if the dog is already in place and that you find yourself directly in front of him. Begin with "STAY" for a duration of 2 to 4 seconds. 3. If the dog "STAYS", return in front of the dog. Free him with the "O.K.", congratulate him with the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", and give him a reward. If after having said "O.K." the dog doesn't move, incite him to get up by saying "STAND", or, run towards your dog so that he will understand the "O.K." means "over". 4. At this stage, if the dog violates the "STAY" command before hearing "O.K.", give him the VW "HEY!" to correct him. Then, redirect your dog towards the correct act in the "SIT" position and start over the exercise. Do not use the spray until the dog can "STAY" for a few seconds.
Stage 2: Increase the duration of "STAY" and introduce the movement variable For example, gradually increase the time the dog "STAYS" from 1 second to 5,6,7,8,9, then by increments of 10 seconds: 10,20,30, then minutes. You can add 30 seconds a week; if he succeeds, he gets the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" and a reward. During the "STAY" period, walk around your dog, or touch him; at first, the dog might attempt to follow you. You must say "HEY!" and place him in the correct position. Note: Once the dog has reached the objective, that is, he understands and masters the command, you will have to respond with the VW "HEY!" each time he falters.
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