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How to train a dog for free

and teach it to STAY

The "STAY" command from a distance Start at a distance of one or two meters (1-2 yards). Let the dog move freely, and surprise him with the "STAY" command. If the dog stops dead in his tracks, congratulate him immediately. If he doesn't stop, use the VW "HEY!". Repeat the command. If he doesn't respond after having articulated five consecutive commands, give him the short hypo-allergenic spray. Then, give him the command "COME"; if he comes to you, congratulate him with an even tone of voice. Give him the "STAY" command once more; if he obeys, give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!", and do the exercise again later. If the dog doesn't "STAY", go back to the previous exercise, and postpone the "STAY" from a distance to a later time. Regular practice will allow the dog to execute the command perfectly.

The "STAY" and "COME" commands When using these commands consecutively, you are reinforcing the impact of this sequence. They are used as follows: 1. Give the commands "SIT " and "STAY". 2. Take a few steps and be patient. 3. Tell your dog to come to you by using "COME". 4. If the dog executes this sequence to your satisfaction, congratulate and reward him. If you play with your dog, calm him down by telling him "DOWN / STAY". He must remain this way for three seconds before he can continue playing. Then, give him the release cue "O.K.". After a few minutes of play, tell him to lie down for four seconds, then five, and so on. With this technique, you can calm your dog at any time. To have better control over your dog when you approach exists, avoid exciting the dog beforehand. We recommend a "SIT / STAY" sequence 2 meters (yards) from the door, followed by feigning an exit by touching the doorknob without opening it. Come back to your dog. Congratulate him (SR "SOUND + GOOD!") if he shows no sign of excitement. Another conditioning can be used simultaneously. Approach the door, open it just enough to slam it to make some noise. As soon as it closes, go back 2-3 meters (yards) and wait for the dog to follow. This procedure must be repeated many times and combined with the command "COME". Continue the conditioning until the dog stays put, even with the door open. After the dog succeeds, congratulate him with the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" and reward him before resuming the exercise.
When you educate the dog to execute the command "STAY", you must never: * Strike the dog.
* Forget to praise the dog and reward him from time to time when he "STAYS" until he hears the release cue "O.K.". * Give the release cue "O.K." cue only because you notice that the dog is about to stand, thus breaking the command. * Underestimate the dog; all dogs, with patience and persistence, can improve their performance. If you think otherwise, the dog has already grabbed control. * Give the command, and then forget to free the dog with the "O.K." release cue.
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