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How to train a dog to Stop

Barking is a natural behavior which reflects the emotional state of our canine companions. It is not a language, contrary to popular belief. It is one among many means of communication that the dog has at his disposal, and it is not the most important, either, as compared to mimic, odours, and body language. If you limit your dog's excessive barking, you are not preventing him from communicating at all. A barking dog can become very annoying, if he doesn't know well enough to stop. You can quickly educate your dog to stop barking with the "STOP" command. 1. When your dog starts to bark, say "STOP" with an assertive tone. If he continues, tell him "HEY!". Should he persist, give him the VC "HEY!", combined with the short spray. Your timing must be precise, for the dog must be redirected at the very moment he barks, not a few seconds later. The dog will then realize that the barking irritates you, and will stop barking. Each attempt to bark must be redirected. 2. Redirect the dog with the command "COME". 3. When the dog has stopped barking for a few seconds, give him the SR "SOUND + GOOD!". Gradually, increase the period of time required to get the SR "SOUND + GOOD!" and the dog will stop barking for good.
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