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How to train your dog to walk on a leash

If the dog can, or is trained to walk on a leash for ten minutes without tugging at it, it is time to expose your dog to challenging situations where your dog will be tempted to tug at the leash. The aim here is to make sure the dog will never again tug at the leash, no matter what happens. * Drop a treat in front of you, or next to you. The moment the dog pulls on the leash to reach it, give the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY. * Take back the treat, and drop it once again. If the dog remains in place, congratulate him (SR "SOUND + GOOD!"), pick up the treat, and give it to him. If not, give him the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY" once more. Practice this exercise for short periods, until the dog executes the task to perfection. Here is another way to do the exercise: * Let a friend offer food or a toy to your dog. If the dog tugs at the leash to reach it, the person who train the dog must withdraw the reward and turn his back to the dog. At the same time, give him the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY. If the dog doesn't tug, the person then approaches him and gives him the reward, while you congratulate him (SR "SOUND + GOOD!"). From now on, when the dog is walking on a leash with you, he will not tug if he spots some food. In order to be able to eventually approach another dog, go to a place where the dog feels comfortable to practice. If the dog tugs at the leash to go see the other dog, use the VW "HEY! + SHORT SPRAY". Then, attempt the exercise on a busy street. With time, you will be able to approach another dog without having your dog tugging at the leash. Note : There are many more reasons why the dog tugs at his leash : lack of socialization, fear, anxiety, territorial aggression, and dominance.

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