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Teckel Dog

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HEIGHT: 20 cm
WEIGHT: 9 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years
Their general look is similar to that of the straight haired Dachshund, but with the body uniformly covered with a hard and dense coat, and an undercoat.
Calm, affectionate and sensitive character; very alert guardian and with a fascinating personality.
It is very convenient for an apartment.
This dog has athletic origins, which is why it needs to enjoy long walks and run freely outdoors. Due to its tireless and courageous character, it is still trained for hunting in burrows and for retrieving game in inaccessible areas.
At least twice a year it will need a stripping treatment.
DESCRIPTION of a Teckel Dog
Its is defined as a dog with a low body, short legs, elongated but strong and well muscled, it must carry its head upright, with a daring and intelligent look.
Seen from the top and sides it is elongated, diminishing proportionately towards the tip of the nose.
Not very convex.
It finishes at the beginning of the nasal stem which should be slightly curved upward. The bones on the eyebrows are very prominent.
Medium size, oval, placed on the sides with an energetic and kind look. Dark brown almost black. The Teckel's eyes must be almond shaped, large or round eyes give it a weird look.
Placed high and not too forwards, long and well rounded. Not pointy or thin. The front boarder must have contact with the cheeks. The ears should at least reach a bit passed the lip's commissure.
Long enough, muscled, without double chin, slightly curved at the neck.
Long shoulders and properly angled with good muscles. The flue is the same size as the scapula and forming a straight angle with it, strong and well muscled bones, close to the ribs but can move freely. Closed feet, well arched, solid and strong pads. Five toes on each foot of which only 4 are used. Strong black nails; brown nails are accepted when their coat is brown (also called red), on white or gray coated dogs the nails can be gray or meaty (not very desired). White nails a never admitted.
Long and wide, round and well muscled. Not too short hip; well developed and slightly inclined. Strong thighs, the femur must form a 90 degree angle with the hip. Wide hocks and well pronounced. The feet are well closed and concave; they have four toes like the front ones. The whole foot leans on the floor (not just the toes). The back legs when seen from the back must look completely straight.
Good hindquarters depend on the insertion of the tail; this must be strong with all its vertebra without any deformations. Its movements should go over the back line; if it does, it also has a side to side wobble. This is called "cheerful tail" and isn't desired since it takes away the beauty and harmony of the general movement.
Must be thick, shinny, well knit to the body, without showing bald spots anywhere. The tail must be covered, but not excessively, with hair.
The different coats are:
It can be red or light red (yellowish), some black mixed hairs are also allowed (chocolate coat). White spots are not desired although a small one on the chest ("braco kiss") doesn't disqualify it.
The main color can be black (the most common) gray or white, but they must always be accompanied by tan (more or less bright) which will be on its feet, optionally on the chest, the mouths commissures and lower lip, on the inside of the ear, around the anus and from there to the third of the tail on the lower side.
These are the stripped of harlequins. The main color can be light brown; gray or white with dark spots spread irregularly and must be small, being dark gray, brown, yellowish red or black. It isn't desired for the light background color to rule and dark spots. The stripped Teckel is very rare and it has dark lines over a red or yellowish background.
Seen from far away it must have the appearance of a straight haired coat. The hair is the same length throughout the whole body except on the snout, ears and eyebrows, forming a thick coat with an undercoat.
The only difference with the short haired variety is that it has long and silky hair. Its hair must be soft, flat shinny, longer on the throat, trunk, ears and visibly longer on the back part of the legs, reaching its maximum length under the tail, forming a flag. The coat must fall over the ear's edges.
Standard Teckel
Its only limitation is that its weight can't go over 9 kg.
Midget Teckel
To determine if a Teckel is of the midget variety, its thoracic perimeter must be measured at the highest point of the cross and the lowest of the chest and with the measuring tape tight across it; it shouldn't be over 35 centimeters.

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